Candidate Bulletin & Information

Be sure to read the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin below before registering to take the NCLEX.

Important Notice:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and measures imposed by the federal, state and local governments, candidate testing has been interrupted.  NCSBN has worked with Pearson VUE to reopen some test centers and allow for testing in critical healthcare fields to continue to support the high demand due to COVID-19.  Some changes will be made to our testing program to enable testing to resume. Key changes are addressed in the FAQs.  To the extent that information elsewhere on the NCSBN website may differ or be in conflict with the FAQs, the COVID-19 Impact to NCLEX Candidates FAQs shall control.  We are working as quickly as possible to update the NCSBN website and other materials.  In the meantime, any questions may be directed to

2020 NCLEX Candidate Bulletin

This resource serves as your guide from before to after the NCLEX, including important contact information, details on how to register, the NCLEX Candidate Rules and results processing. 

2020 NCLEX Information Flyer

Highlights for before, during and after the NCLEX. Includes information on The Eight Steps of the NCLEX, acceptable identification and rules for scheduling/rescheduling your appointment.

Program Codes

Candidates can use this document to find their program code when registering for the exam.  

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NCLEX Tutorials

NCLEX Candidate Tutorial – English

The NCLEX Candidate Tutorial is provided to help candidates become familiar with the Pearson VUE exam software. 

Tutoriel NCLEX Candidat – Français

Le tutoriel NCLEX Candidat est fourni pour aider les candidats à se familiariser avec le logiciel d'examen Pearson VUE.

Canadian French Translation

To ensure fair delivery of the NCLEX to the Canadian Francophone population, NCSBN has developed an NCLEX translation process. For the purpose of NCLEX item translation from English to Canadian French, NCSBN has developed an NCLEX Translation Lexicon. Additional information on the NCLEX can be found in the frequently asked questions (FAQs).