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Exam Volunteer Opportunities

NCLEX Item Development Brochure
Item Development Program Brochure

Hundreds of nurse educators, clinicians and managers who work with entry-level nurses contribute to the development of the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN licensing exams. Below are the three panels for which volunteers are selected:

  • Item Writing - Item writers create the items that are used for the NCLEX.
  • Item Review - Item reviewers examine the items that are created by item writers.
  • Panel of Judges - The panel of judges recommends potential NCLEX passing standards to the NCSBN Board of Directors.
Watch the NCLEX Webinars on NCLEX Item Writing and Item Review, and NCLEX Sensitivity and Differential Item Functioning Reviews.

Benefits of Participation

  • Earn continuing education contact hours.
  • Contribute to continued excellence in the nursing profession.
  • Network on a national level.
  • Build new skills that are useful at work as well as for professional growth.

It is Easy to Participate!


Reminder: LPN/VNs who plan to take the NCLEX-RN within two years of service with NCSBN do not qualify for participation.

NCLEX Detailed Test Plans

Reviewing the NCLEX-RN and/or NCLEX-PN Detailed Test Plans will help you prepare for the item development session.

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