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NCLEX Program Reports - Exclusively for Nursing Programs

This subscription service is a semi-annual or annual, comparative review of a program's performance that is designed to help educators and administrators identify their program's areas of strength and weakness. Jurisdictional and national rankings are used to describe the program's strengths and weakness with regard to the following:

  • client needs
  • the nursing process
  • categories of human functioning and health alterations
  • the wellness-illness continuum
  • the stages of maturity
  • stress-adaptation-coping

Program-specific information is reported provided at least 10 first-time candidates tested within the six-month reporting period. Candidate-specific information is not available.

NCLEX Program Report Brochure & Subscriptions

Subscriptions for NCLEX-RN Program and NCLEX-PN Program Semi-Annual or Annual Reports are $300.00 and $200.00 respectively. Additionally, a joint annual and semi-annual subscription is $450 for RN programs and $300 for PN programs.

To order, please call 1.800.261.6227 or visit NCLEX Program Reports.

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