Oregon Requirements as a Host State

Clinical Practicum in Oregon for Nurse Practitioner Students Enrolled in a Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program

(1) A nurse practitioner student enrolled in a Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program may not participate in a clinical practicum in Oregon without prior Board authorization.

(2) Prior authorization will be predicated upon approval of the following:

(a) A completed registration form;

(b) Verification of a current, unencumbered registered nurse license in Oregon;

(c) Verification of enrollment in a graduate program accredited by a United States Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation approved national accrediting body;

(d) Verification of regional accreditation and/or Board of Nursing approval from the state in which the program originates;

(e) Proof of approval by the Office of Degree Authorization of the Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program;

(f) Submission of a written signed agreement between the Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program responsible for the student and the Oregon licensed preceptor;

(g) Identification of the faculty advisor accountable for general supervision from the Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program; and

(h) Identification of the Oregon licensed nurse practitioner faculty providing direct clinical evaluation of the nurse practitioner student.

(3) Oregon licensed preceptors are responsible for validating that the student has registered and received Board authorization prior to participating in a clinical practicum in Oregon.

(4) A nurse practitioner student shall practice under the direct supervision of an approved Oregon licensed nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, medical physician, or doctor of osteopathy who agrees to serve as preceptor, and general supervision of a faculty member as approved in the clinical practicum registration.

(5) Oregon faculty will be approved by the Board based on congruence of clinical scope and expertise to the student’s clinical placement.

(6) The student’s assigned preceptor may not simultaneously serve as their designated faculty of record. The faculty of record must provide on-site evaluation of both the student and the preceptor.

Source: Oregon Board of Nursing Administrative Rules