Northern Mariana Islands Requirements as a Host State

140-60.1-1115 Administrator; Qualifications and Duties

2.The NP preceptor shall hold a current and valid CNMI license

3. For online NP programs, the administrator need not to hold a CNMI Registered Nurses license. The NP program shall follow their state requirements for administrator licensing and education qualifications. 

140-60.1-1125 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Each student and preceptor shall sign a MOU provided by the Board setting forth the parties' roles and responsibilities prior to engaging in any preceptorship program

140-60.1-1130 Institutional fee

Any online APRN educational institution wanting to establish a clinical preceptorship program in the CNMI shall submit a onetime, nonrefundable fee to the Board, as established in the Board's fee schedule. No student may begin clinical work unless there has been an agreement between the institution and the Board which authorizes the student to begin the preceptorship program. 

Licensure: NP Preceptors must have a license in CNMI. For online NP programs, administrators do not need a CNMI RN license.

Source: The Northern Mariana Islands Board of Nursing Rules Laws and Rules