Kansas Requirements as a Host State

The board may accept nationally accredited advanced practice registered nurse programs as defined by rules and regulations adopted by the board in accordance with K.S.A. 65-1130 (APRN licensure and certification requirements for Kansas), and amendments thereto: 

(1) Advanced practice registered nurse programs which have received accreditation from a board recognized national nursing accreditation agency shall file evidence of initial accreditation with the board, and thereafter shall file all reports from the accreditation agency and any notice of any change in school accreditation status. 

(2) Advanced practice registered nurse programs holding approval based upon national accreditation are also responsible for complying with all other requirements as determined by rules and regulations of the board. 

(3) The board may grant approval to an advanced practice registered nurse program with national accreditation for a continuing period not to exceed 10 years.


Source: Article 11 of Chapter 5 of Kansas Nurse Practice Act (APRN Statutes)