Florida Requirements as a Host State

The Florida Board of Nursing does not regulate post-licensure or distance (online) nursing education programs.  

An RN licensed in Florida and enrolled in a post-licensure distance learning program is not required to seek approval from the Florida Board of Nursing prior to initiating clinical training in Florida. Clinical training experiences are arranged by the post-licensure student, the nursing education program, and the health care institution.

Florida has joined the NLC; any nursing faculty licensed for multistate licensure by virtue of the nurse licensure compact, are granted the privilege to practice in other compact states. Nursing faculty not eligible for multistate licensure may consider applying for single state licensure in Florida, to avoid violations for unlicensed activity.

Licensure: Post-licensure students and their preceptors must hold Florida RN licenses.

Source: Florida Administrative Code 64B9-4.001 Definitions