Colorado Requirements as a Host State

No requirements specific to distance education programs, with one exception:

If a program delivers theory via telepresence technology, where the real-time lecture being presented in the home state is being delivered at the same time to Colorado students, this program is viewed as having a presence in Colorado. Therefore, the didactic faculty from the home state must also be licensed to practice in Colorado. Clinical faculty must be licensed to practice in Colorado.

Licensure: Didactic faculty with a telepresence and clinical faculty providing direct or indirect supervision to advanced practice student clinical practice must be licensed to practice in Colorado. Advanced practice preceptors must be licensed to practice in Colorado and advanced practice students must be licensed to practice in Colorado.

Source: Colorado Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations

Other State Requirements: Students engaged in clinical practicum experiences in Colorado are required to be covered by workers compensation and the educational institution is expected to provide for that coverage with the clinical facility.

Source: The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act