For RN licensure:

For RN and APRN licensure:

       §920. Licensure; qualifications; examination; renewal; temporary permits

            A.(1) The board shall issue a license to each applicant who applies for licensure as a registered nurse or  an advanced practice registered nurse who files an application upon a form and in such manner as the board prescribes, accompanied by such fee as required in R.S. 37:927, and who furnishes evidence to the board that he:

            (a) Is of good moral character.

            (b) Has completed the requirements of a nursing education program approved by the board which prepares him for initial licensure as a registered nurse.

            (c) Passes an examination to the satisfaction of the board.

            (d) Has completed certain course work as required by the board.

            (e) Is not in violation of this Part and the rules and regulations.

            (f) Has committed no acts or omissions which constitute grounds for disciplinary action as defined in R.S. 37:921, or if found guilty of committing such acts or omissions, the board finds, after investigation, that sufficient restitution, rehabilitation, and education have occurred.

            (g) Is proficient in the English language if he graduated from a nursing education program offered in a foreign country.

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