Past Event: 2010 Annual Meeting

Event Presentations

  • Presented by:
    Nathan Goldman, JD, Chair, Bylaws Committee
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 5:33
  • Presented by:
    Susan Hassmiller, PhD, RN, FAAN, Sr. Advisor for Nursing, Director, RWJF Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the IOM, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 1:06:35
  • Presented by:
    Patricia Spurr, EdD, MSN, RN, Chair, NCLEX Examination Committee
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 8:35
  • Presented by:
    Katie Daugherty, MN, RN, California Board of Registered Nursing
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 15:07
  • Presented by:
    Kathy Apple, MS, RN, CAE, CEO, NCSBN
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 17:08
  • Presented by:
    Myra Broadway, JD, MS, RN, on behalf of Laura Rhodes, MSN, RN, President, NCSBN Board of Directors
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 22:30
  • Presented by:
    Sandy Evans, M.A. Ed., RN, Chair, Disciplinary Resources Committee
    Posted: 8/5/2014
    Length: 16:08

Event Description

The NCSBN Annual Meeting contains the official business meeting of the NCSBN Delegate Assembly. In addition to the Delegate Assembly business agenda, delegates vote for NCSBN leadership positions, attendees network with member boards from the same geographic area and communities of practice ("knowledge networks"), and honor member board staff and board members who have made significant contributions to NCSBN. More about theĀ NCSBN Delegate Assembly.

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Event Information

Portland, OR
NCSBN Organization Business
Annual Meeting, Committee Updates, Continued Competence, Delegate Assembly, Leadership Updates, Model Rules/Legislation, NCSBN Products/Services, Uniform Licensure Requirements
Board Executives, Board Members, Board Staff, Health Care Organizations, Policy Makers
Knowledge Network