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Nursing Practice

To support our vision of leading in nursing regulation, NCSBN produces innovative materials and initiatives to support boards of nursing in their roles of regulating nursing practice. We address practice topics with the intent to provide evidence-based resources to guide regulatory decisions. NCSBN staff also collaborates with professional nursing organizations and participates in national nursing practice meetings and initiatives.

In 2012, based on input from the Practice Knowledge Network, we developed a series of educational webinars covering a range of nursing practice topics. Experts from the nursing practice community collaborated with NCSBN in developing and presenting the information to member board participants.

Additionally, NCSBN staff have written papers and completed research projects on nursing practice issues.

APRNs in the U.S.

NCSBN supports an initiative to assist states in aligning their APRN regulation with the major elements of The Consensus Model for APRN Regulation. The Consensus Model provides guidance for states to adopt uniformity in the regulation of APRN roles.

Delegation and Working with Others

Nurses at all levels frequently question, “What tasks can I delegate to other members of my health care team?” NCSBN has developed position papers on delegation and working with others.

Social Media in Nursing Practice

The use of social media has grown exponentially, bringing questions about its proper use in health care and nursing practice. NCSBN has developed standardized guidelines for nurses and employers on responsible use of social media.

Substance Use Disorder in Nursing

An extensive body of scientific evidence shows that approaching substance use disorders as treatable illnesses is extremely effective for the individual using substances, as well as for society. The Substance Use Disorder in Nursing Resource Manual and Guidelines provides practical and evidence-based guidelines for evaluating, treating, and managing nurses with a substance use disorder.

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