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Research Projects

National Simulation Study

NCSBN is conducting a landmark, national, multi-site, longitudinal study of simulation use in prelicensure nursing programs throughout the country. Collaborating with learning institutions across the U.S., NCSBN is embarking on a research initiative exploring the role and outcomes of simulation in pre-licensure clinical nursing education.

Transition to Practice

Transition to Practice (TTP) is an expansive initiative of NCSBN that provides a way to empower and formalize the journey of newly licensed nurses from education to practice.

Workforce Survey Cover

National RN Workforce Survey

NCSBN and The Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers conducted a national survey of Registered Nurses (RNs). The survey was designed to collect important information on the supply of RNs in the United States. Having an adequate supply of RNs in the United States workforce is among the priorities of a safe and effective health care system. Knowledge of the supply of RNs can be used to predict possible shortages and assist in the allocation of resources, program development and recruitment efforts in both the health care system and education sectors.

Evaluating Methods for Assessing Nursing Continued Competency: A Pilot Study 

Continued competency has been an extremely important initiative for Boards of Nursing. As part of ongoing dialogue and deliberations regarding continued competence, the Continued Competence Committee proposed developing a research study to collect data that would identify whether any method existed that would adequately measure continued competence in nurses. In a pilot study, the following methods of assessing continued competence are being examined: examination, professional certification, self-assessed competency, continuing education, and supervisor-rated competency. These methods were chosen because they are methods that are commonly discussed in regards to continued competency.

Nursys Trend Data Analysis

An analysis of 109,239 nurse discipline records from Nursys were examined for over a ten year period (2003-2013) and trends analyzed.

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