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In Focus

In Focus is NCSBN’s new e-magazine. It offers a behind the scenes look at NCSBN products and services, giving readers a peek at the inner workings of the organization. Through interviews, guest authors and in-depth storytelling, In Focus highlights the vital work of nursing regulation done by boards of nursing and the organization that serves them.

Leader to Leader

Leader to Leader brings education and regulation together by informing nurse educators of critical issues affecting nursing education and regulation. This newsletter covers a variety of topics, including critical thinking, social media, simulation, professional boundaries and transition to practice, to name a few. Experts from across the country in nursing education and regulation serve as contributing authors, providing their insight on current topics that matter most to nurse educators. Keep up-to-date about the topics of concern to you as a nurse educator with Leader to Leader.

Featured Magazines

In Focus Winter 2014 | download

  • Learn how the strategic initiatives serve as a roadmap to NCSBN’s success
  • Gloria Damgaard of the South Dakota Board of Nursing reflects on her road to leadership
  • Take an in-depth look at two NCSBN studies and their potential impact on the future of nursing
  • Maura Pidgeon of the Nursing and Midwifery Board Ireland discusses nursing regulation from a global perspective
  • Discover how the NCLEX is avoiding language usage confusion on the exam

Fall 2013 Leader to Leader | download

  • Vicki Erickson of the Colorado Board of Nursing explains her role as board president, how Just Culture influences her board of nursing’s discipline process and why nurse educators should consider joining their board of nursing.
  • Sue Petula of the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing discusses how her board of nursing is improving communication between the board of nursing and state nursing education programs.
  • Two new social media scenarios are presented for educators to use in an effort to start a dialogue with nursing students regarding the appropriate use of social media in the workplace.


In Focus Magazine


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Leader to Leader Magazine


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