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Understanding the NCLEX Examination Through the Core Values of NCSBN | download

The development, administration and future direction of the NCLEX examinations is guided by the core values of NCSBN, which include collaboration, excellence, innovation, integrity and transparency in advancing regulatory excellence worldwide. This article is intended to provide information about the development and administration of the NCLEX examination as it relates to the cores values of NCSBN.

A Nurse's Guide to the Use of Social Media | download

NCSBN's Disciplinary Resources Committee studied the increasing use and misuse of social media in health care.

Uniform Licensure Requirements | download

Uniform licensure requirements (ULRs) are the essential prerequisites for initial, endorsement, renewal and reinstatement licensure needed across every NCSBN jurisdiction to ensure the safe and competent practice of nursing. ULRs protect the public by setting consistent standards and promoting a health care system that is fluid and accessible by removing barriers to care and maximizing portability for nurses. They also assure the consumer that a nurse in one state has met the requirements of the nurses in every other state. ULRs support the fact that the expectations for the education of a nurse and the responsibilities of a nurse are the same throughout every NCSBN member board jurisdiction in the United States.

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