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Social Media Guidelines

  • The use of social media and other electronic communication is expanding exponentially.
  • Individuals use blogs, social networking sites, and video sites to communicate both personally and professionally with others.
  • Social media is an exciting and valuable tool when used wisely. However, it can pose a risk as it offers instantaneous posting opportunities that allow little time for reflective thought.
  • NCSBN has developed guidelines for using social media responsibly. Due to the inappropriate use of social media, some nurses have lost their jobs, been disciplined by the board of nursing and have been criminally charged.
  • NCSBN has collaborated with the American Nurses Association (ANA)  on the professional use of social media. NCSBN has endorsed ANA's principles of using social media, and ANA has endorsed NCSBNs guidelines.
  • ANA and NCSBN are planning further collaborative efforts to get the word out about using social media appropriately without harming patients.

Watch NCSBN’s new video, Social Media Guidelines for Nurses, in which key points of the white paper are summarized, along with dramatization of potential scenarios of inappropriate social media use.

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