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The National Nursing Database

NCSBN provides education, service, and research through collaborative leadership to promote evidence-based regulatory excellence for patient safety and public protection. Valuing innovation, integrity and transparency, NCSBN is providing the first-ever comprehensive source of nursing licensure and disciplinary statistics for the U.S. and territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nursys?

Nursys is the only national database for verification of nurse licensure, discipline and practice privileges for RNs and PNs licensed in participating jurisdictions. There are three Nursys services publicly available via www.nursys.com: Licensure QuickConfirm, Nurse License Verification, and Emergency Responder Service. Other services are available to member boards of nursing.

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How does Nursys receive information?

Boards of Nursing (BON) who participate in Nursys send scheduled updates of information to Nursys. 51 BONs participate in providing licensure data to Nursys. All of NCSBN's 59 (RN and PN) Member Boards shared disciplinary data into Nursys.

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How is the data compiled?

This data is compiled by the NCSBN database Nursys® which is an electronic information system where Boards of Nursing enter both licensure and disciplinary data on a frequent basis.

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Who participates in sharing licensure and discipline data?

All 59 NCSBN's (RN and PN) Member Boards share disciplinary data into Nursys and 51 share licensure data.

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Why does the number of disciplinary actions vary from state to state?

The number and type of disciplinary actions can differ greatly from state to state depending on a variety of factors; for example, number of nurses practicing in the state, differing disciplinary processes by state, differing definitions of disciplinary actions based on legislative language of state nurse practice act, as well as procedures of the state’s board of nursing.

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Can I see which nurses have been disciplined?

No, data presented is aggregate, no individual identifying information is presented.

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Does The National Nursing Database store information on temporary licenses?

No, the National Nursing Database does not store information for temporary licenses.

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Is there a fee to use The National Nursing Database?

No, this is a complimentary service from NCSBN.

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When is The National Nursing Database available?

The National Nursing Database is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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I am unable to print the maps. What should I do?

You may print data from the maps in either PDF or Excel format. See links below the maps.

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In the future, will other maps and data be available from The National Nursing Database?

Yes, other interesting statistics and data are on the horizon.

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I have more questions, who can I email?

For questions, please email NationalNursingDatabase@ncsbn.org.

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