A Regulatory Model on Transitioning Nurse from Education to Practice

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Education, Practice, Regulation, Research, Transition to Practice
The NCSBN Board of Directors charged their Practice, Regulation, and Education Committee with developing a regulatory model for transitioning new nurses from education to practice. Because the mission of the BONs is to protect the public, they are responsible for ensuring that safe and competent nurses are entering the workforce. Therefore, the Board requested an evidence-based transition model that BONs could use as a resource for the transition issues that many states are facing.
Nancy Spector, PhD, RN & Marcy Echternacht, MS, RN
Spector, N. & Echternacht, M. (2007). A regulatory model on transitioning nurse from education to practice. JONA’s Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Regulation, 9(1), 19-22.