Analyzing the Relationship Between Nursing Education and Patient Outcomes

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Education, Licensure, Patient Safety, Practice, Research
Hospital-based research links higher proportions of nurses with BSN degrees to lower patient mortality rates, but it does not explain the mechanism. This study explored mechanisms related to individuals and work groups that could explain the association between nurses' education and patient outcomes. Our findings suggest the need for a broadened regulatory focus that considers not only nurses' education but also the contribution of the work environment and interdisciplinary teams to the coproduction of high-quality safe care.
Dana Beth Weinberg, PhD, Dianne Cooney-Miner, PhD, RN, & Jennifer N. Perloff, PhD, MPA
Weinberg, D.B., Cooney-Miner, D. & Perloff, J.N. (2012). Analyzing the relationship between nursing education and patient outcomes.Journal of Nursing Regulation, 3(3), 4-10.