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TERCAP (Taxonomy of Error, Root Cause Analysis and Practice-Responsibility) is a national nursing adverse event database designed to collect the practice breakdown data from boards of nursing (BONs) to identify the root causes of nursing practice breakdown from system and individual perspectives.

TERCAP is an initiative of NCSBN to identify patterns of error, risk factors, and system issues that contribute to practice breakdown. This type of analysis will facilitate the development of strategic interventions to minimize the risk factors that may endanger patient safety. It will also assist in the development of new approaches for patient safety.

Sections of the Instrument Practice Breakdown Categories System Factors
Section 1: Nurse Characteristics Safe Medication Administration Communication 
Section 2: Patient Characteristics Documentation Leadership / Management 
Section 3: System Factors Attentiveness / Surveillance  Backup and Support 
Section 4: Practice Breakdown Clinical Reasoning  Environment 
Section 5: Optional Questions Prevention Other Health Team Members 
  Intervention Staffing Issues 
  Interpretation of Authorized Provider's Orders Health Care Team 
Professional Responsibility / Patient Advocacy   


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