Distance Education

Recent publications, such as the Carnegie Study of Nursing Education and the IOM Future of Nursing report, have called for nurses to advance their education. Distance education courses provide tremendous opportunities for nurses by offering access to quality nursing education in small communities or rural areas where nursing programs don’t exist; they also allow flexibility for those students who otherwise couldn’t attend a nursing program. Yet nurse regulators have had challenges in regulating these programs. Therefore, NCSBN’s Board of Directors convened a committee to develop recommendations for distance education prelicensure programs. Read about the work of the NCSBN committees below.

Resources on Distance Education

Model Education Act and Rules

This document contains changes that support the prelicensure guidelines for distance education.

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White Paper: Nursing Regulation Recommendations for Distance Education

Background and literature review on the regulation of prelicensure distance education programs; regulatory issues; recommendations for BONs; visual model and timeline for adopting the recommendations.

2012 Prelicensure Nursing Program Approval

This is Part II of the Nursing Education Committee document, which contains strategies for moving forward on the future of approval of BONs. As part of this work, the committee members hosted a World Cafe' meeting, where the participants dialogued about the alignment of approval, education and accreditation. See the monograph that resulted from that World Cafe' meeting.

Regulatory Implications and Recommendations for Distance Education in Prelicensure Nursing Programs

Regulatory Implications and Recommendations for Distance Education in Prelicensure Nursing Programs." Description: This article provides the background and related literature findings for the recommendations that NCSBN's Distance Learning Education Committee made for prelicensure nursing programs. These recommendations were adopted at NCSBN's 2014 annual meeting. Further, regulator and educator issues are explored. Five regulatory guidelines are explained, and a timeline for BONs meeting these recommendations is described. Citation: Lower, B. & Spector, N. (2014). Regulatory implications and recommendations for distance education in prelicensure nursing programs. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 5(3), 24-33.

Distance Education Requirements & Guidelines

Prelicensure Distance Education

The purpose of the Regulatory Guidelines for prelicensure nursing distance education programs is to provide NCSBN Member Boards with criteria and rationale regarding the regulation of prelicensure nursing education programs.

Find each U.S. state’s/jurisdiction’s requirements for distance education programs that are approved in other states (home state), but that have students in their states (host state).

APRN Distance Education Program Guidelines

The APRN Distance Learning Education Committee will develop guidelines in 2014-15. Stay tuned!