Past Event: 2015 NCSBN APRN Roundtable

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The 2015 NCSBN APRN Roundtable: State-based Challenges and Solutions.

Roundtable Objectives:

  1. Explain the evolution of prescription drug monitoring program [PDMP] legislation as a response to prescription drug abuse in the U.S.
  2. Describe how PDMPs might avert diversion of drug after prescriptions are dispensed.
  3. Elaborate on the similarities and differences of various state’s PDMP policies and programs.
  4. Describe PDMP tools for use by states in implementing PDMP policy and the interoperability among state PDMPs and the sharing of PDMP data.
  5. Suggest the optimal use of PDMP for APRN prescribers and any barriers to use of PDMPs by APRN prescribers.
  6. Explain the potential unintended consequences of PDMPs and elaborate on the means to counter such effects.
  7. Describe the challenges of placing APRNs on clinical assignments in the state where their graduate program resides and in states outside where their graduate program resides.
  8. Explain the competition for clinical sites among physician, APRN, and physician assistant students.

Intended audience:  Professionals, educators, professional societies, credentialing agencies and others interested in the grassroots work of moving toward the unified elements of The Consensus Model for APRN Regulation, 2008.

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Rosemont, IL
Practice, Regulation
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)
Board Executives, Board Members, Board Staff, Consumer Groups, Health Care Organizations, Policy Makers
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