IRE Fellows Spotlight

2016 Class of IRE Fellows

Anne Logie
Nursing Practice Advisor
College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

Carla Taylor
Registration Advisor - Nurse Practitioners
College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

Debra Elias
Director, Standards and Practice
College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

Lisa Emrich
Manager, Practice, Education and Administration
Ohio Board of Nursing

Pamela Zickafoose

Upon successful completion of the Institute of Regulatory Excellence Fellowship Program, the individual is recognized as a Fellow of Institute of Regulatory Excellence (FRE).

Past IRE Fellow Classes

2015 Class of IRE Fellows

Jackye Ward
Associate Director for Nursing Practice
Oklahoma Board of Nursing

Farah Ismail
Manager, Prosecutions and Monitoring
College of Nurses of Ontario

Joyce Winstead
Nurse Consultant, Practice
North Carolina Board of Nursing

Joan Libner
Nurse Educator
Illinois Board of Nursing

David MacDonald
Professional Conduct Review Consultant
College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

Mary Fanning
Director, Nursing Administration/Magnet Program Director
West Virginia of Examiners for RN Professional Nurses


Gillian Lemermeyer, MN, RN
Policy Associate
College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

Paula Meyer, MSN, RN, FRE
Executive Director
Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission

Erin Tilley, RN, BHSc, BScN, MN
Policy Analyst
College of Nurses of Ontario

Suzanne Wowchuk, RN, MN, FRE
Manager, Registration Services
College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

Susan Wong, BSN, RN

2013 Class of IRE Fellows

Doreen Begley, MS, RN
Nevada Board of Nursing

Jacinta MacKinnon, RN, BSN, MN
Professional Conduct Review Consultant

Jay P. Douglas, RN, MSM, CSAS
Executive Officer
Virginia Board of Nursing

Danielle Smith, RN, BSN, MSN
Director of Monitoring 
Louisiana State Board of Nursing 

Kathleen G. Privette, RN, MSN, CNAA-BC 
Nurse Consultant Drug Monitoring Program 
North Carolina Board of Nursing

2012 Class of IRE Fellows

Jessie M. Colin, PhD, RN 
Professor & Director, Nursing Administration and Nursing Education Programs 
Florida Board of Nursing 

Janice I. Hooper, PhD, RN 
Nursing Consultant for Education 
Texas Board of Nursing 

Tracy Klein, MS, FNP 
Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Consultant 
Oregon State Board of Nursing 

Eileen C. Kugler, MSN, MPH, FNP, RN 
Manager - Practice 
North Carolina Board of Nursing
Sue Petula, PhD, MSN, NEA-B 
Nursing Education Advisor 
Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing 

Pamela Randolph, MS, RN 
Associate Director, Education and Evidence-based Regulation 
Arizona State Board of Nursing 

Patricia G. Spurr, Ed.D., MSN, CNE 
Education Consultant 
Kentucky Board of Nursing Staff

2011 Class of IRE Fellows

Joan Bainer, MN, RN, CNA, FRE
South Carolina State Board of Nursing 

Linda D. Burhans, RN, PhD(c), CNAA, CPHQ, FRE 
Director, Education & Practice 
North Carolina State Board of Nursing

2010 Class of IRE Fellows

Susan K. Odom, RN, PhD, FRE
Board Member 
Idaho Board of Nursing 

William E. Spooner, FRE 
Regulatory Supervisor Consultant 
Florida Board of Nursing

2009 Class of IRE Fellows 

Nancy Bohr, RN, MBA, MSN, FRE
Nursing Program Specialist 
South Dakota Board of Nursing 

Marilyn L. Hudson, RN, MSN, CNS, FRE 
Nursing Practice Consultant 
Oregon Board of Nursing 

Carol Walker, MS, RN
Practice Consultant 
North Carolina Board of Nursing