Past Event: 2015 NCSBN Discipline Case Management Conference

Discipline Case Management Conference 2015: Crossroads of Public Protection; The Intersection of Complaint, Process, Law and Resolution

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This conference provides an interactive and informative forum to learn effective investigative tools, strategies and procedures for regulatory proceedings. Attorneys, specifically those practicing administrative law, investigators, probation compliance monitors, hearing officers, executive officers, board presidents, board members and staff of boards of nursing (BONs), and associate members are invited to attend.


  1. Identify tools which will improve the coordination of processes for triage, investigation and case resolution.
  2. Recognize signs of intentional harm when investigating nursing practice.
  3. Utilize and interpret results from new technologies for drug testing.
  4. Examine strategies for the disciplinary process when a nurse has a compact license.
  5. Utilize Prescription Drug Monitoring Program data during investigations.
  6. Apply lessons learned from recent regulatory law cases.
  7. Identify strategies for use in cases of sexual misconduct, correctional nursing practice error.
  8. Explore appropriate questioning during hearings and the use of expert witnesses during hearings.

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Indianapolis, IN
Alternative to Discipline Programs, Discipline, Discipline Process, Investigations
Board Executives, Board Members, Board Staff, General Public, Investigators/Attorneys
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