Candidate for LSC Member-at-Large

Kaci Bohn, PhD
Secretary, Arkansas State Board of Nursing

Member-at-Large Responsibilities:

  • Recommends strategies for the ongoing sustainability and advancement of NCSBN through succession planning
  • Presents a slate of candidates through a determination of qualifications for inclusion on a ballot for the election of the Board of Directors and the Leadership Succession Committee

Describe all relevant professional, regulatory, and community experience.

I was appointed as the consumer member of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing in 2015, and now serve as the Secretary of the board and the Nursing Education Committee Chair. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology education from West Texas A&M University and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Texas Tech University. I currently teach pharmacology at Harding University College of Pharmacy where I am the director of the Harding University drug take back program, Medication Cleanout™, in partnership with the Searcy Police Department and White County Sheriff’s Department. This program has collected more than 1000 lbs of medication which not only protected the community but the environment as well.  I am passionate about protecting our community and children from both illegal and prescription drugs of abuse. As a result, I have written a children’s book teaching medication safety and am in the process of developing a full curriculum for children 12 years and under. 

In addition, I have recently been appointed to the NCSBN Marijuana Regulatory Guidelines Committee and am honored to be taking a role in this regulatory capacity. I plan to use my background in pharmacology to advise the committee in regards to the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of marijuana and how they relate to regulation and education of nurses.

While serving on the Arkansas Board of Nursing, we have overseen the implementation of an alternative to discipline program which was recently signed into effect by the governor. I believe this program will help our board to better protect the public while supporting nurses as well.

I am passionate about my service on the board and look forward to serving on the NCSBN leadership succession committee.

What are your strategies for the ongoing sustainability and advancement of the organization?

I believe the NCSBN is the perfect umbrella agency to unite the different state boards in this country. I feel the future of our organization is dependent upon identifying and training future leaders capable of engaging with and guiding the organization and various state boards. We must identify members with vision, experience, and action in order to ensure effective leadership. For this reason, the leadership succession committee is critical to identify these future leaders. This means networking, getting out of our comfort zone, and staying up to date with current issues effecting nurses and the nursing profession.

Technology is changing the face of nursing and I feel we must stay abreast of the innovative ideas to further communication, presence, and running of our organization. This includes consistent review of the NCLEX examination, supporting local boards of nursing, and effective assessment of the efficacy of the organization as a whole. As a consumer member, pharmacologist, and educator, I feel I bring a unique perspective for serving on the leadership succession committee and am honored to be considered.

Why do you want to serve in the role you are applying for?

I have always been a driven and outspoken individual and am incredibly honored to be chosen to serve on the Arkansas State Board of Nursing as the consumer member. I am passionate about the health sciences and feel I have served as an important resource for the Arkansas board in regards to pharmacology, drug information, and toxicology facts. And due to my background in both the health sciences and education, I have experience in curriculum design and assessment.

Since I am not a nurse, I feel my consumer perspective gives me different insight to situations involving the protection of the public. When in attendance at the NCSBN, I have been in awe of the running of the organization and how effective NCSBN is in regards to uniting the different boards of nursing for a common goal. I want to be a part of the organization and serve on the national level while taking in as much as I can and becoming a more effective board member and leader. One must always be in pursuit of opportunities to improve character, advance leadership skills, and most importantly to serve others. 

My husband and I stay involved not only in our local church but in the community as well. I want to be an example to my children of setting goals and working hard to reach them while also teaching them that serving others and the community is not only a responsibility but an honor.