Candidate for LSC Member-at-Large

Patricia Dufrene, PhD, RN
Director, Education and Licensure, Louisiana State Board of Nursing

Member-at-Large Responsibilities:

  • Recommends strategies for the ongoing sustainability and advancement of NCSBN through succession planning
  • Presents a slate of candidates through a determination of qualifications for inclusion on a ballot for the election of the Board of Directors and the Leadership Succession Committee

Describe all relevant professional, regulatory, and community experience.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse. During my career I advanced my education from a Diploma RN to a PhD in Nursing Education and Administration. I have served in many leadership roles throughout my nursing career in the areas of clinical, nursing education, simulation, and regulation. Since 2009, I have served as the Director of Education and Licensure at the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. My role includes overseeing the Registered Nurse and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Education Degree Programs operating in or offering distance education clinical experiences in Louisiana. My role focuses on program compliance, approval of undergraduate students applying for clinical, approval of candidates for licensure by examination, and monitoring criminal background checks of these applicants. Additionally, I oversee the Board approved continuing education providers and RN refresher course providers, and assist in evaluation of applications for licensure through endorsement. 

My background with NCSBN spans my entire career in regulation through attending conferences, participating in webinars, serving as the Education Consultant for Louisiana RN Board, and the serving on the Leadership Succession Committee from 2014-2016.

I have served on boards and committees for several specialty related organizations on the local, regional and national level throughout my career. I continue to serve on advisory committees. I remain active in professional and specialty nursing organizations including Sigma Theta Tau International, Society of Pediatric Nurses, and the American Nurses Association.

Over the years, I have been active with several local community and church agencies.  I particularly enjoy participating in activities for Gods special children with Down Syndrome.

What are your strategies for the ongoing sustainability and advancement of the organization?

Sustainability and advancement of NCSBN is dependent on leadership that is engaged in the strategic plan of the organization.  Leaders need to anticipate issues and opportunities that may impact the organization’s sustainability. Leaders must develop strategies and implement action plans that will address those issues and opportunities. An issue to address is leadership development and succession planning. Members of the organization must be inspired and stimulated to develop their own capabilities to become leaders. 

Leadership development involves strategies to identify leaders and those to retain and advance leaders within the organization. Development of a diverse group of mentors, coaches, and leaders committed to advancing members in the organization is essential for success. Equally important is the reduction of barriers to service. Strategies implemented must support the integration of service with multiple life commitments.  Educational opportunities for leadership development through virtual workshops and modules and increasing the availability of virtual meetings can address this need.

Performance of an annual needs assessment to determine alignment of the organization’s strategic plan with the expertise and engagement of the current Board allows for identification of gaps in expertise and provides for enriched recruitment efforts.  Similarly, annual self-evaluation by current Board members can reflect the effectiveness of fulfilling duties and identify needs for further development. 

Why do you want to serve in the role you are applying for?

I had the fortunate opportunity and honor to be elected by the House of Delegates to serve as the Area III representative on the Leadership Succession Committee form 2014-2016.  The Leadership Succession Committee serves to respond to the identified needs of the organization and strives to empower members to become leaders.  Leadership is in an integral component of my professional role.  I strive for evidence based excellence in my endeavors. I have served in leadership capacities in employment and organizations and bring the many competencies to reflect support of the mission, vision and values of NCSBN.  I am goal oriented and remain driven and focused in my regulation role. I meet challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. I embrace change as a chance to improve processes and move organizations forward. My varied experiences in clinical, education and regulation have allowed me to develop the ability to analyze issues from different focal points to determine a clear course of action. I possess integrity and value the principles of honesty, fairness, equality and diversity.

It is my sincere desire to serve on the Leadership Succession Committee for 2017-2019. It would be a privilege and an honor to represent the membership in this capacity and be involved with development of future NCSBN leaders. I will be committed to carrying out the charge of the committee to the best of my ability.