Candidate for Area III Director

Jim Cleghorn, MA
Executive Director, Georgia Board of Nursing

Area III Director Responsibilities:

  • Ensures geographic diversity on the Board of Directors
  • Serves as a representative of all member boards
  • Transacts the business and affairs and acts on behalf of NCSBN

Describe all relevant professional, regulatory, and community experience.

Serving as the executive director of the Georgia Board of Nursing since August 2010, I have instituted several innovative program changes to streamline the regulatory processes and have taken advantage of the opportunities afforded to me through involvement with NCSBN. The executive coaching program in 2012-2013 provided a “jump start” in a broader look at regulation. As a member of the Commitment to Ongoing Regulatory Excellence (CORE) Committee from 2012 through 2014 the importance of documenting and defining the immediate outcomes of the regulatory work became clear in helping identify promising practices for public safety. In September 2014 I was appointed to the Board of Directors as Area III Director and have worked ardently over the last three years to learn the essential elements of representing the membership and the organization.  Prior to my work with the Georgia Board of Nursing I served as business analyst with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. In that role, I worked with the agency’s Professional Licensing Boards Division to review licensure and discipline processes, identify inconsistencies and inefficiencies and recommend improvements to maximize constituent services, agency productivity and protection of the public. My service with NCSBN has provided me with many rewarding opportunities to learn from the examples set by leaders in nursing regulation. The invaluable education and experience has enabled me to increase my personal knowledge of board operations, regulation and management principles and has challenged me to become a well-rounded leader. Our family is very involved with our local church where my wife and I participate in various ministries and lead a Sunday School class for young couples.

What is your perspective regarding the following issues affecting nursing regulation?

  1. Borderless healthcare delivery
    The healthcare delivery system is rapidly changing and the number of patients seeking care is rising. Telemedicine has enabled providers to work to meet the new demands by expanding their practice across jurisdictional lines into other states and even into other countries. I am enthusiastic about the future of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact and look forward to working with boards of nursing and NCSBN to identify issues and barriers and develop solutions to ensure that our constituents continue to have access to safe and competent care through every possible delivery model.
  2. Regulation of nursing education 
    New models of nursing education are being developed to meet the demands of an increasingly complex healthcare system. Advances in technology are changing the classroom and increasing access for interested students. Boards of nursing must work to advance regulatory structures for programs using evidence based research to maintain high quality program outcomes. This effort will require collaboration and partnerships with education programs and practice settings. 
  3. The role of regulation in evolving scopes of practice
    As our healthcare system continues to grow and evolve, the scope of practice for nurses will have to expand to meet the increasing needs. As practice changes, we will see tasks shifted and ultimately, tasks reserved for a person who has been in nursing for many years will be performed by entry level nurses. As the nursing profession advocates for increased scope of practice, nursing regulation must be a partner in the process and work to enable nurses to practice to the full extent of their knowledge and training to ensure safe and competent care is available to all consumers. 

Why do you want to serve in the role you are applying for?

National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) was created to lessen the burdens of state government and provide boards of nursing an opportunity to work together on matters of common interest. Over the past thirty-nine years, NCSBN has set the standard for regulation. I want to work with the membership to continue to build on that legacy. I would like to serve as Area III Director for three reasons: First, I want to work with member boards and the organization to identify common challenges and concerns and use available resources to provide solutions. NCSBN will be able to help lead the initiative by collecting and sharing research data that allows boards to make informed, evidenced based decisions; facilitating collaboration with other organizations with common responsibility to share ideas and promising practices; providing toolkits and resources to streamline processes; and by continually encouraging boards to aim for regulatory excellence. Second, I want to continue to grow my personal leadership skills through the invaluable experience provided by serving on the board of directors. Every opportunity that I have encountered with NCSBN has led to significant learning and development. My involvement has enabled me to become a better regulator and a more confident leader. This position has challenged me to think at a different level and has deepened my understanding of nursing regulation. As I prepare for each board meeting I find that there are new things to learn and new ideas to consider. Finally, I want to give back. NCSBN and member boards have been by my side throughout my career as a nursing regulator and serving on the board of directors has been the highlight of my regulatory journey. It is a great privilege to serve the organization that has provided so many opportunities to me.