Past Event: 2016 NCSBN Discipline Case Management Conference

2016 Discipline Case Management Conference: Protecting the Public Focusing on the Tradition of Teamwork

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This conference provides an interactive and informative forum to learn effective investigative tools, strategies and procedures for regulatory proceedings. Attorneys, specifically those practicing administrative law, investigators, probation compliance monitors, hearing officers, executive officers, board presidents, board members and staff of boards of nursing (BONs), and associate members are invited to attend. 


  1. Apply advanced interviewing techniques during investigations.
  2. Explore state board responses to North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission and the FTC Staff Guidance.
  3. Identify important disciplinary content and education strategy for board members.
  4. Utilize strategy when investigating a nurse with a multistate license.
  5. Identify due process issues arising from the use of technology during a board hearing.
  6. Address prevention, detection and remediation strategies for cases of narcotic overprescribing.
  7. Identify remediation options for practice and boundary violations.
  8. Examine formalized sanctioning guidelines.

Event Information

Norfolk, VA
Alternative to Discipline Programs, Discipline, Discipline Process, Investigations
Board Executives, Board Members, Board Staff, General Public, Investigators/Attorneys
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