Candidate for Treasurer


Gloria Damgaard, RN, MS, FRE
Executive Director, South Dakota Board of Nursing

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the chair of the Finance Committee
  • Assures quarterly reports are presented to the Board of Directors
  • Provides annual financial reports to the Delegate Assembly

Describe all relevant professional, regulatory, and community experience.

My nursing career started in 1975, following graduation from an associate degree nursing program. I worked in the clinical areas of medical-surgical and psychiatric nursing. In 1978, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Moorhead State University and in 1988, I completed a Master of Science Degree in Adult Health Nursing with a focus on nursing education from South Dakota State University. Nursing education was my field of practice for more than 13 years in South Dakota, teaching in associate degree, diploma and bachelor's degree programs. I was appointed to the South Dakota Board of Nursing and served as a board member and President from 1982-86. In 1991, I was hired as the Nursing Education Specialist for the Board, a position that I held for 11 years.  In 2002, I was promoted to the position of Executive Director. 2017 marks my15th year in the Executive Director position.  I maintain active membership in the American Nurses Association, South Dakota Nurses Association and Zeta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. I have been actively involved in NCSBN over the course of my 26 year career with the South Dakota Board of Nursing. I have served two terms on the Board of Directors as a Director at Large and most recently, one year as the organization's Treasurer.  I was elected in 2016 to fill a 1 year vacancy in the Treasurer position. I am now seeking election to a full two year term as Treasurer. As Treasurer this past year, I have served as the Chair of the Finance Committee. I am oriented to the position and ready to serve a full term in this capacity.  Additionally, I have served as a Board Liaison and member of the CORE committee and various other short term committees. I served in a leadership capacity for the Nurse Licensure Compact Administrator's organization as President and Director at Large.

What is your perspective regarding the following issues affecting nursing regulation?

  1. Borderless healthcare delivery
    My perspective on borderless healthcare delivery is that nursing regulation should be an integral part of ensuring the safety of the public as it relates to nursing practice.  To me, this means that we need to be flexible and innovative in how we license our professionals.  We need to have licensing laws in place that maximize the use of our nursing workforce through the use of technology and other emerging models of health care delivery while at the same time uphold the standards that offer assurance that only qualified individuals are allowed to practice nursing.  We need to have systems in place that quickly identify and remove those practitioners from practice that pose a threat to public safety.
  2. Regulation of nursing education
    My perspective on the regulation of nursing education is that it is an essential component of the work of Boards of Nursing.  I also believe that regulators need to work closely with educators and accreditors to achieve the goal of setting and maintaining standards that prepare our graduates to enter the profession of nursing safely.  I also believe that there should be consistent metrics by which programs are evaluated by Boards of Nursing.
  3. The role of regulation in evolving scopes of practice
    My perspective on this issue is that boards of nursing are continuously being asked to make scope of practice determinations.  I believe strongly that any determination must be made using an evidence based or evidence informed process. A scope of practice decision model was published in the Journal of Nursing Regulation to assist boards, employers and individual nurses with a tool to make scope of practice determinations.  This model was a joint effort with NCSBN and other national organizations.  We need to work closely with our practice experts and researchers in assessing the safety of scope of practice changes

Why do you want to serve in the role you are applying for?

I am seeking re-election to the position of Treasurer for the NCSBN.  I have served in this capacity for one year, fulfilling part of a term that was vacated.  I have served in the capacity of chair of the finance committee long enough to learn the role.  I would now like to continue to serve a full 2 year term of office.  I also believe that my experience on the Board of Directors as a Director at Large has prepared me to serve in one of the three elected officer positions on the Board.  I see this as a highly responsible position, one that is achieved through experience and skill development in board governance.  I have greatly appreciated the support of the NCSBN membership in my desire to serve the organization in the capacity as a member of the Board of Directors and will continue to uphold your trust in the position of Treasurer.