Candidate for Area II Director

Adrian Guerrero, CPM
Director of Operations, Kansas State Board of Nursing

Area II Director Responsibilities:

  • Ensures geographic diversity on the Board of Directors
  • Serves as a representative of all member boards
  • Transacts the business and affairs and acts on behalf of NCSBN

Describe all relevant professional, regulatory, and community experience.

I started my state government career in 1997 with the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. After three years of gaining valuable experiences, in 2000 I made the move and began my journey with the Kansas State Board of Nursing as an Information Technology Professional.  In 2011, I was promoted to the Director of Operations.  I oversee the Licensing Division, IT, HR, Procurement, and help with the creation of the agency’s budget.   I was elected to the NCSBN Board of Directors as the Area II Director in 2015.

Board & Committees:

  • State of Kansas IT Advisory Board- Board Member
  • Statewide FOCUS Committee for Accounting & HR Systems
  • Statewide IT Security Council
  • Statewide Architecture and Standards Committee
  • State Health Workforce Partnership Committee
  • IT Services Wireless Committee
  • Statewide E-Mail Consolidation Committee
  • Statewide Managed Print Services Committee
  • Small Agency HR & Policy Team
  • Statewide Training Services Committee
  • INTERFACE Technology Advisory Council
  • Influence ImageNow Advisory Council
  • Electronic Records Committee

NCSBN Experiences:

  • NCSBN Board of Directors – Area II Director – 2015-2017
  • NCSBN CORE Committee – Board Liaison
  • Nursys® Committee – Chair
  • Fraud Detection Committee
  • Nursys® Advisory Panel
  • 2014 IT/Operations Conference -Fireside Chat on Social Media | eTranscripts – Presenter
  • 2013 IT Conference – Paperless Board Meetings – Presenter
  • 2012 Operations Conference - Paperless Systems – Presenter
  • 2011 IT Summit - Network Exchange Moderator
  • 2010 IT Summit – Fingerprint System Criminal History Check – Presenter
  • 2008 IT Summit – Proactive Information Distribution – Presenter
  • 2008 Annual Meeting - Breakout Sessions: Nursys®/NPDB – Presenter
  • 2007 IT Summit – Presenter
  • 2007 Nursys® Users Meeting - Facilitator, Moderator & Presenter
  • 2006 IT Summit – Presenter
  • 2006 Nursys® Users Meeting – Presenter
  • 2005 IT Summit - Presenter

Certifications & Awards:

  • 2014 - Topeka’s Top 20 Under 40 
  • 2013 - George Askew National Award- Top CPM Capstone Project
  • 2012 - University of Kansas Public Management Center - Certified Public Manager
  • 2000 - Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society  

Community Experience:

  • USD #345 School District – IT Advisory Committee, Band Boosters, Debate & Forensics Judge
  • Boy & Cub Scouts – Parent Volunteer
  • March of Dimes – Volunteer Topeka Rescue Mission – Volunteer
  • Previous children’s Soccer & Baseball Team – Parent Coach

What is your perspective regarding the following issues affecting nursing regulation?

  1. Borderless healthcare delivery
    With modern technology, state and national borders are becoming invisible.  The advances in technology have improved the ability for quicker licensing by the use of the enhanced nurse licensure compact or by electronic licensing in non-compact states.   One important aspect to remember, is that the mission of states boards of nursing is public protection, and that must be the driving force and should remain the center of developing borderless healthcare delivery policies.
  2. Regulation of nursing education
    Clinical sites, faculty and distant learning continue to be an issue for many states.  Nursing regulation should be involved in the approval of nursing education programs to ensure quality education for public protection.  This approval process should also include distant learning to assure nursing students are meeting the minimum requirements to be a safe and effective nurse.  Because of the advancement of information technology in nursing education, simulation can now enhance clinical learning for nursing students.  The nursing faculty shortage is due to many factors such as retirements and salaries.  State input is important to help develop strategies and policies to assist with recruitment and education of nursing faculty.  
  3. The role of regulation in evolving scopes of practice
    Scope of practice for health care professions has overlapped for many years.  The demand for health care continues to bring scope of practice issue to the front for nursing regulators.  Standards should be reviewed by nursing regulators to assure quality-nursing care to the public.  The nursing regulators should assure that everyone working in the nursing realm should be safe to practice and are qualified for their role. 

3. Why do you want to serve in the role you are applying for?

As the current NCSBN Area II Director, I have made great efforts to serve the entire membership by being accessible and ready to listen to the issues and concerns of the membership.  I am proud of the reputation that follows me as being a go-to person in areas of technology and office automation.  One of my most valuable leadership skills, is that I thrive being around people, and have done many things in my personal and professional life that have exposed me to those with different personalities, backgrounds and cultures. I have the ability to make personal connections with those around me and when working in groups, can bring diverse teams together to accomplish a common goal; moreover, I have the ability to understand complex real-world processes and envision ways to reinvent and streamline those processes.  I am able to recognize when there is a need to change direction to address internal or external organizational challenges and stay relevant to the customers we serve. I understand the necessity to think strategically and as the world continues to change around us, I am someone who keeps my eyes on the horizon, ready to engage in new opportunities. I have been asked to do presentations, moderate conferences and lead committees on the state and national level. Over the past 17 years, I have helped our small agency become a model for other state agencies to follow both within our state and across the nation. I am proud that we have won several awards as an agency, one of which helped our entire state win the top government award citing that model e-government licensing for state governments across the country. I am proud to serve as the Area II Director. If re-elected, I will continue to focus on the needs of our membership.  I am honored to serve you on the NCSBN Board of Directors!