Past Event: 2017 NCSBN Annual Institute of Regulatory Excellence (IRE) Conference

2017 IRE Conference: Practice Breakdown, Discipline & Patient Safety

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​The NCSBN Annual Institute of Regulatory Excellence (IRE) Conference explores the role of nursing regulation in the policy making process as well as the current trends, strategies and ethical implications.

Preconference IRE Fellowship Training

The preconference prepares IRE fellowship participants with identifying a topic of interest that is related to nursing regulation, synthesizing the literature, developing a regulatory project, writing a project proposal and communicating their project results.


  1. Assist first year IRE participants with identifying a regulatory topic of interest and conducting a comprehensive literature search.
  2. Assist second year IRE participants with developing a project proposal.
  3. Assist third year IRE participants with developing and completing their IRE project.
  4. Prepare fourth year IRE participants to communicate their IRE project results.

IRE Conference


  1. Describe the impact of medical cannabis on health care providers, the public and nursing regulation.
  2. Discuss current research, legal and treatment approaches to addressing substance use disorder.
  3. Understand how research informs approaches to protect the public.
  4. Describe evidence-influenced and research approaches to reducing medical errors and errors of omission.
  5. Discuss lessons learned from a nurse’s perspective of medical errors.

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Clearwater Beach, FL
Regulation, Research
Discipline, Institute of Regulatory Excellence, Patient Safety, Practice, Research
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