Past Event: 2017 NCSBN Discipline Case Management Conference

2017 NCSBN Discipline Case Management Conference - Transforming Principles into Practice

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This conference provides an interactive and informative forum to learn effective investigative tools, strategies and procedures for regulatory proceedings. Attorneys, specifically those practicing administrative law, investigators, probation compliance monitors, hearing officers, executive officers, board presidents, board members and staff of boards of nursing (BONs), and associate members are invited to attend.


  1. Apply advanced interviewing principles and techniques during phone interviews.
  2. Describe the regulatory challenges as a result of recent antitrust decisions.
  3. Compare various methods to improve complaint triage processes.
  4. Explain the transformation of licensure mobility via the eNLC.
  5. Appraise methods to manage the investigatory caseload.
  6. Consider how public record principles are affected by social media and private email communications.
  7. Articulate the modern technologies and principles of drug testing.
  8. Observe and identify the perspectives of the complainant, disciplined licensee and surrogates.
  9. Recognize the conditions for non-discipline versus disciplinary reinstatement.
  10. Identify factors to consider when governing a licensee for off-duty conduct.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Alternative to Discipline Programs, Discipline, Discipline Process, Investigations
Board Executives, Board Members, Board Staff, General Public, Investigators/Attorneys
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