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NCSBN members should complete the travel profile to increase the accuracy of booking through the NCSBN Corporate Travel Agent. Contact the Executive Office department with questions.

EventStart DateEnd DateLocationDress Code*AudienceMeeting Page Link
Policy Knowledge Network Call - Dec 21 2017 Start Date12/21/2017End Date12/21/2017LocationNCSBNDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkPolicy Knowledge Network Call - Dec 21 2017
Christmas Day - NCSBN Holiday Start Date12/25/2017End Date12/25/2017LocationDress CodeAudienceNCSBN StaffMeeting Page LinkChristmas Day - NCSBN Holiday
Christmas Eve (Observed) - NCSBN Holiday Start Date12/26/2017End Date12/26/2017LocationDress CodeAudienceNCSBN StaffMeeting Page LinkChristmas Eve (Observed) - NCSBN Holiday
New Year's Day - NCSBN Holiday Start Date01/01/2018End Date01/01/2018LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkNew Year's Day - NCSBN Holiday
Education Consultants Conference Call Start Date01/04/2018End Date01/04/2018LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkEducation Consultants Conference Call
NCLEX Examination Committee Meeting - January 2018 Start Date01/08/2018End Date01/10/2018LocationNCSBN OfficesDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkNCLEX Examination Committee Meeting - January 2018
CORE Committee January Meeting Start Date01/11/2018End Date01/12/2018LocationDress CodeBBusinessAudienceCommittee MembersMeeting Page LinkCORE Committee January Meeting
MLK Jr.'s Birthday - NCSBN Holiday Start Date01/15/2018End Date01/15/2018LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkMLK Jr.'s Birthday - NCSBN Holiday
eNLC Commission Administrators - Teleconference - Jan 16 Start Date01/16/2018End Date01/16/2018LocationTeleconferenceDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkeNLC Commission Administrators - Teleconference - Jan 16
Discipline Knowledge Network Call - January 18 2018 Start Date01/18/2018End Date01/18/2018LocationNCSBNDress CodeAudienceKnowledge Network MembersMeeting Page LinkDiscipline Knowledge Network Call - January 18 2018
2018 NCSBN Annual Institute of Regulatory Excellence (IRE) Conference Start Date01/23/2018End Date01/25/2018LocationSan Francisco, CADress CodeBCBusiness CasualAudienceExecutive Officers Board Members Board Staff General Public Health Care Organizations Nursing Students Nursing Professionals Policy MakersMeeting Page Link2018 NCSBN Annual Institute of Regulatory Excellence (IRE) Conference
TERCAP Call - Jan 29 2018 Start Date01/29/2018End Date01/29/2018LocationDress CodeAudienceKnowledge Network MembersMeeting Page LinkTERCAP Call - Jan 29 2018
NCSBN Standards Development Committee Start Date01/30/2018End Date01/31/2018LocationChicagoDress CodeBCBusiness CasualAudienceMeeting Page LinkNCSBN Standards Development Committee
NLCA Teleconference - Jan 30 Start Date01/30/2018End Date01/30/2018LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkNLCA Teleconference - Jan 30
Board of Directors-Feb. 2018 Start Date02/05/2018End Date02/07/2018LocationChicago, ILDress CodeAudienceBoard of DirectorsMeeting Page LinkBoard of Directors-Feb. 2018
*Dress Code: B=Business, BC=Business Casual, C=Casual