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  • Building a Method for Writing Clinical Judgment Items for Entry-Level Nursing Exams

    Clinical judgment has become an increasingly important aspect of modern health service professionals. To ensure public safety, licensure exams must go beyond assessing only knowledge and skills when evaluating entry-level professions to evaluating clinical judgment. This article provides background of a large-scale licensure examination’s process for measuring clinical judgment in entry-level nursing.

    2019 | Publication

  • Integrating the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Clinical Judgment Model Into Nursing Educational Frameworks

    Sound nursing clinical judgment is at the core of competent and safe client care. New graduate nurses face increasing challenges that underscore the importance of investigating how nurse educators teach and measure nursing students' abilities to make clinical judgments. This article presents the National Council of State Boards of Nursing-Clinical Judgment Model (NCSBN-CJM) and discusses the use of the model.

    2019 | Publication

  • Strategic Practice Analysis

    NCSBN is focused on establishing the validity and legal defensibility of the NCLEX-RN by ensuring it is comprehensive and that it aligns with the requirements of the nursing profession as it is currently practiced. To keep pace with the changing requirements of the job, NCSBN partnered with a research firm to conduct two studies as part of strategic job analyses of the RN job from 2012 through 2014. The Strategic Practice Analysis is the summary of their findings.

    2018 | Research Item

  • Assessing Higher-Order Cognitive Constructs by Using an Information-Processing Framework

    Published in the Journal of Applied Testing Technology. Designing a theory-based assessment with sound psychometric qualities to measure a higher-order cognitive construct is a highly desired yet challenging task for many practitioners. This paper proposes a framework for designing a theory based assessment to measure a higher-order cognitive construct.

    2016 | Publication

  • Nursing Clinical Decision-Making: A Literature Review

    The aim of this paper is to review the factors that contribute to clinical judgment and decision-making of novice nurses.

    2012 | Publication