State Advocacy

Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

The NLC allows nurses to have one multistate license, with the ability to practice in their home state and other compact states. The NLC increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level.

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APRN Compact

The APRN Compact allows an advanced practice registered nurse to hold one multistate license with a privilege to practice in other compact states. The APRN Compact will be implemented when 10 states have enacted the legislation.

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The NursingAmerica Campaign assists states in aligning APRN regulation and practice with the Consensus Model for APRN regulation to increase access to care for patients. Learn how, together, we can advance the state of healthcare.

North Carolina Dental Guidance Toolkit

In an effort to educate and inform boards of nursing about the Supreme Court’s decision in North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission and the resulting actions, and ongoing discussions, NCSBN created the     NC Dental Toolkit.


   iTrack provides Members access to review current legislation relating to nursing regulation sorted into reports by state, topic, and current status in the legislative process.