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  • ORBS

    NCSBN solution for license management and discipline enforcement.


  • Member Board Profiles Custom Report Tool Tutorial

    Administrator provides instructions on how to create and print custom or complete reports from the Member Board Profiles application.

    2020 | Video

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health Care: Crafting a State Regulatory Response

    We will address the integration of artificial intelligence into health care delivery, discuss implications for patient safety and quality of care, and help identify the proper role of state regulatory boards. We will also explore the impact of artificial intelligence as feature of health care as well as how it may form the architecture for future health care delivery. The session provides the audience with an understanding of AI and machine learning discuss what roadblocks may limit the full potential of technology in improving health care.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • Collaboration Exchange and Q&A: Session One

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • Collaboration Exchange and Q&A: Session Two

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • You've Completed the NCLEX - But You Still Have Questions

    This brochure is for candidates who have just completed the NCLEX. Here, candidates can find information on how their results are processed, what happens if they don’t pass the exam, the NCLEX Quick Results Service, and who they can contact if they have a problem with the NCLEX or its administration.

    2020 | Publication

  • Ransomware & Risk Mitigation

    In today’s landscape, cybersecurity incidents are happening on a daily basis, yet we only hear about less than 5% of them. There is a broad landscape of threats and events, of which approximately half is ransomware. These threats are continuing to increase, and organizations must have the necessary security measures in place to protect themselves and reduce overall risk. Learn about these threats, the most recent trends and the measures an organization can take to help counteract the impact of an attack and increase their overall cyber maturity level.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • Pandemic Lessons Learned - Preparedness and Response

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused turmoil and upheaval in the personal and professional lives of persons around the globe. The challenges faced by those responding have been unprecedented in modern times. Aside from the critical role of ensuring an adequate nursing workforce to treat the afflicted, Boards of Nursing must also negotiate the challenges of operating a complex, multidisciplinary agency during quarantine and beyond. Agencies have seen three primary operational phases emerge during the pandemic: response; return-to-work; and renewal. Purposeful navigation of each stage has produced positive results and many lessons learned. Agencies must capitalize on these lessons and reinvest the knowledge gained into strategies that bolster our agencies' resilience.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • NCSBN Nursys Update

    NCSBN Staff provides an update on Nursys.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • NCSBN ORBS Update

    NCSBN Staff provides an update on ORBS.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • NCSBN Passport & Multifactor Authentication Update

    NCSBN Staff provides an update on the NCSBN Passport Portal and Multifactor Authentication.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • NCSBN NLC Update

    NCSBN Staff provides an update on the Nurse Licensure Compact.

    2020 | Event Presentation