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Guiding Principles

Nursing regulation exists to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public in their receipt of nursing services–and much more. The complete scope of the guiding principles of nursing regulation are found below.

Guiding Principles of Nursing Regulation

Protection of the public

  • Nursing regulation exists to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public in their receipt of nursing services.
  • Involvement of nurses in nursing regulation is critical to public protection.

Competence of all practitioners regulated by the board of nursing

  • Nursing regulation is responsible for upholding licensure requirements for competence of the various levels of nursing practice.
  • Competence is assessed at initial licensure/entry and during the career life of all practitioners.

Due process and ethical decision making

  • Nursing regulation ensures due process rights for practitioners.
  • Boards of nursing hold practitioners accountable for conduct based on legal, ethical and professional standards.

Shared accountability

  • Nursing regulation requires shared accountability for enhancing safe patient care.

Strategic collaboration

  • Nursing regulation requires collaboration with individuals and agencies in the interest of public protection, patient safety and the education of nurses.

Evidenced-based regulation

  • Nursing regulation uses evidenced-based standards of practice, advances in technology, and demographic and social research in its mission to protect the public.

Response to the marketplace and health care environment

  • Nursing regulation requires timely and thoughtful responsiveness to the evolving marketplace.
  • Scope of practice clarity and congruence with the community needs for nursing care are essential.

Globalization of nursing

  • Nursing regulation occurs at the state level and concurrently works to standardize regulations and access to licensure.
  • Nursing regulation requires fair and ethical practices and policies to address the social, political and fiscal challenges of globalization.

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