Setting an English Language Proficiency Passing Standard for Entry-Level Nursing Practice Using the Pearson Test of English Academic

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Publication topics include: NCLEX Test Plans, Candidate Bulletins, nursing comparison studies, English proficiency tests, standard setting reports, readability studies, reliability & validity studies and other examination research.

2017 NCLEX Candidate Bulletin
NCLEX Examinations - 2017
2017 NCLEX Information Flyer
NCLEX Examinations - 2017
2017 NCLEX-PN Test Plan
NCLEX Examinations - 2016
2016 NCLEX-RN Test Plan
NCLEX Examinations - 2015
2014 NCLEX-PN Test Plan - Basic
NCLEX Examinations - 2014
2013 NCLEX-RN Test Plan - Basic
NCLEX Examinations - 2013
The NCLEX Delay Pass Rate Study
NCLEX Examinations - 2006
Reliability and Validity
NCLEX Examinations