In Focus Spring 2015


  • NCSBN CEO Kathy Apple Reflects on "a Journey of a Million Miles"
  • The 2015 Midyear Meeting: A First-time Attendee’s Perspective
  • Rescue on Mount Hood
  • A Global Perspective: Nursing Regulation in Bermuda
  • Montana Passes NLC Legislation

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In Focus

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  • In Focus Spring 2018

    • NCSBN Celebrates 40 Years of Regulatory Excellence
    • A Journey of 6,000 Miles: Delegation from Kazakhstan meets with NCSBN
    • Observing and Listening: Mark Majek’s Thoughts on Leadership
    • Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) Resources
    • New eNLC Overview for Members Online Course
    • 2017 RN Practice Analysis Now Available  

    2018 | Publication

  • In Focus Winter 2018

    • Measuring the Right Things: NCSBN’s Next Generation NCLEX Endeavors to Go Beyond the Leading Edge
    • NCSBN is Recruiting for 2018 NCLEX-PN Item Development Opportunities
    • Shirley Brekken Shares Thoughts on Leadership Growth, Development and Engagement
    • 2017 NCSBN Year in Review
    • NCSBN Regulatory Scholars Program: an Exciting Opportunity for Graduate Nursing Students

    2018 | Publication

  • In Focus Fall 2017

    • Collaborating for the Future of Regulation: 2017 NCSBN Annual Meeting Recap
    • The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC): Important Information for All Nurses
    • The 2017 International Council of Nurses Congress: An Invaluable and Enriching Experience for Nursing Professionals from Across the Globe
    • NCSBN Global Regulatory Atlas
    • Pearson VUE Testing Center Updates
    • NCLEX Special Research Section

    2017 | Publication

  • In Focus Spring/Summer 2017

    • NCSBN Considers Expanded Membership
    • The Change You Can Affect: What are You Doing Today to Make a Difference?
    • How Does the eNLC Protect the Public?
    • NCLEX Special Research Section

    2017 | Publication

  • In Focus Winter 2017

    • Charting The Course and Responding to Change: NCSBN’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan
    • A Global Perspective: Association of New Brunswick Licensed Practical Nurses
    • An Update on the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)
    • Setting the Passing Standard for the NCLEX-PN Examination
    • New Transition To Practice Program

    2017 | Publication

  • In Focus Fall 2016

    • Regulation 2030: First Steps of a Journey
    • What’s Holding You Back from Serving in a Leadership Role?
    • 11 Facts About the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)
    • NCLEX Conference Recap
    • Opportunities for Regulatory Scholars
    • 2016 Year in Review 

    2016 | Publication

  • In Focus Summer 2016

    • Pathways to Leadership: Holistic Leadership
    • NCSBN’S One-on-One Executive Officer Mentor Program
    • Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (e-NLC) Rulemaking Explained
    • Leading Transformation: Architects of Nursing Regulation -- a 2016 Annual Meeting Recap
    • Pearson VUE Testing Center Updates
    • NCSBN Grant Program

    2016 | Publication

  • In Focus Spring 2016

    • A Seat at the Table: NCSBN’s Office of Government Affairs and the Health Policy Conversation
    • East Meets West: NCSBN Meets with Korean Delegation
    • Family Matters: Mother and Daughter Attend the NCSBN Midyear Meeting Together
    • Midyear Meeting: A First-Time Attendee’s Perspective
    • A Global Perspective: College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia
    • Are You Aware of CORE?
    • NCLEX® Terminology
    • Legislative Advocacy News

    2016 | Publication

  • In Focus Winter 2016

    • Moving Forward with an Enhanced NLC
    • A Conversation with NCSBN CEO David Benton, Part II
    • Our Resources Can Help You Prevent Application Fraud
    • NCSBN Offers Helpful Social Media Resources
    • What do You Think of In Focus? Take Our Survey
    • NCSBN Now Accepting Abstracts for the 2016 Scientific Symposium

    2016 | Publication

  • In Focus Fall 2015

    • A Conversation with NCSBN CEO David Benton
    • How Many Nurses are Involved in the Development of the NCLEX?
    • Leadership and Public Policy Conference Video Presentations Available Online
    • NCSBN 101 Course Updated
    • NCSBN Year in Review
    • NCLA Announces Election Results
    • Visit the NLC Knowledge Network

    2015 | Publication

  • In Focus Summer 2015

    • Technology Solutions: Keeping Up with the Pace of Change
    • A Global Perspective: Nursing Regulation in Singapore
    • 2015 Testing Volume for Licensure/Registration in Canada
    • Pre-legislative Steps for States Considering Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) Legislation
    • "New Nurses: Your License to Practice" Video Now Available
    • News & Notes: 2015 Annual Meeting Edition

    2015 | Publication

  • In Focus Spring 2015

    • NCSBN CEO Kathy Apple Reflects on "a Journey of a Million Miles"
    • The 2015 Midyear Meeting: A First-time Attendee’s Perspective
    • Rescue on Mount Hood
    • A Global Perspective: Nursing Regulation in Bermuda
    • Montana Passes NLC Legislation

    2015 | Publication

  • In Focus Winter 2015

    • Telehealth: The Future is Now?
    • A Global Perspective: Nursing Regulation in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • Succession Planning Gets Results
    • 2015 Annual Institute of Regulatory Excellence (IRE) Conference
    • Center for Regulatory Excellence Awards Grants Totaling More than $1.2 Million
    • Yearly NCSBN Environmental Scan Released
    • NCLEX Identification Policy Update

    2015 | Publication

  • In Focus Fall 2014

    • Annual Meeting Notes
    • 2014 NCSBN Award Recipients
    • NCSBN Releases Findings of Landmark Simulation Study
    • 2014 Regulatory Symposium Gives Attendees a Clear View of the Big Picture
    • NCSBN Opens Registration for NCLEX in Canada
    • A Global Perspective: Nursing & Midwifery Regulation in Australia

    2014 | Publication

  • In Focus Spring 2014

    • April 1, 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the first NCLEX examination to be administered via computerized adaptive testing (CAT). To celebrate this milestone, we look at the evolution of CAT and follow the NCLEX’s technological journey from paper-and-pencil to a computer-based examination.
    • Mark Majek of the Texas Board of Nursing explains the importance of leaders knowing when to "lead, follow or get out of the way."
    • Two executive officers new to their role reflect on their first NCSBN Midyear Meeting experience.
    • Like any country’s nursing regulation, Canada has its own unique practices, approaches, and legislative and regulatory frameworks. Learn more about nursing regulation in Canada and British Columbia as Cynthia Johansen of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia discusses nursing regulation from a global perspective.

    2014 | Publication

  • In Focus Winter 2014

    • Learn how the strategic initiatives serve as a roadmap to NCSBN’s success
    • Gloria Damgaard of the South Dakota Board of Nursing reflects on her road to leadership
    • Take an in-depth look at two NCSBN studies and their potential impact on the future of nursing
    • Maura Pidgeon of the Nursing and Midwifery Board Ireland discusses nursing regulation from a global perspective
    • Discover how the NCLEX is avoiding language usage confusion on the exam

    2014 | Publication