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NCSBN Launches NCLEX Practice Exam

Posted 11/6/2018

NCSBN has launched the NCLEX Practice Exam (NPE) that provides candidates in the U.S. and Canada preparing to take NCLEX Examinations with an experience that is similar to the look and the feel of the actual test.


Scam Alert

Posted 2/19/2020
NCSBN has been made aware that some individuals have received telephone calls from persons falsely claiming to be NCSBN staff or law enforcement.
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News Update

Updated NCSBN 101 Course Available for NCSBN Members

Posted 2/11/2020

The course provides information on NCSBN's history, purpose & mission. It also explains what NCSBN offers as the leader in regulatory excellence.

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News Update

Now accepting applications for NCSBN leadership positions.

Posted 2/3/2020

The NCSBN Leadership Succession Committee (LSC) is accepting candidate nominations through March 20, 2020.


The International Year of the Nurse: The Tri-Council’s Contribution

Posted 1/30/2020
In the next 12 months, the Tri-Council collectively and as individual organizations will both lead and participate in events highlighting how our profession can address contemporary health challenges, inform policy, generate consensus and produce results.