The Future of Nursing Education Program Approval Webinar

Presented By
  • NCBSN Regulatory Innovations Department
Nursing Educators
Knowledge Network

Why all the buzz about NCSBN’s World Café meeting?

In December of 2011, the NCSBN Nursing Education Committee hosted a World Café meeting as part of their work to make recommendations for the future of nursing program approval. This innovative meeting brought together regulators, educators and accreditors to shape the future of nursing education. The Webinar features the results of the World Café discussions and illustrates what contributed to its success. Next steps for nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs) in moving forward with nursing program approval initiatives are discussed, highlighting our new online toolkit that provides NRBs with resources and support for requiring national nursing accreditation.

This engaging program will provide NRBs with an overview of:

  • the concepts and themes from the World Cafe™ Education Meeting;
  • tips on hosting a successful World Cafe™; and
  • NCSBN tools to support NRBs with nursing education approval

Presenter: Nancy Spector, PhD, RN Director, Regulatory Innovations