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~400thousand 2017 National Nursing Workforce Study participants

Featured Research

2017 National Nursing Workforce Survey

The National Nursing Workforce Survey collects crucial information on the supply of RNs and LPN/VNs in the United States, which assists in allocating resources, developing programs and recruiting efforts.

Recently Completed Research

Chief Nursing Officer Survey

See the results of the recently completed Chief Nursing Officer Survey.

APRN Collaborative Agreement Study

Find out more about the recently completed APRN Collabroative Agreement Study.

Report of Findings from the 2018 LPN/VN Nursing Knowledge Survey (Vol. 76)

This study identifies the knowledge needed by newly licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPN/VNs). The results of this study (i.e., the important knowledge statements) will be used to inform item development.

2018 LPN/VN Practice Analysis: Linking the NCLEX-PN Examination to Practice (Vol. 75)

This periodic performance of practice analyses (i.e., job analysis) studies assists NCSBN in evaluating the validity of the test plan that guides content distribution of the licensure examination. Because changes can occur in licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/VN) practice, practice analyses are conducted on a three-year cycle.