NCSBN produces a wide variety of publications, online courses, videos, brochures, toolkits and newsletters presenting in-depth information and best practice techniques that contribute to the body of nursing knowledge.

  • 2005 RN Practice Analysis: NCSBN Executive Summary

    NCSBN performs job (practice) analysis studies every three years. This is an executive summary of the 2005 RN Practice Analysis.

    2005 | Publication

  • Nursys Policies

    The Nursys Policy Manual for NCSBN members who participate in Nursys.


  • 2015 NCLEX Fact Sheet

    Fact sheets provide volume and pass rate data for both U.S. and international candidates. Information is provided for performance on NCSBN's two nurse licensure examinations, the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN. 

    2015 | Publication

  • The NCSBN Founders: An Audacious Vision for Public Protection

    As NCSBN celebrates its 40th anniversary, we look back at the inspiring women who founded the organization.

    2018 | Video

  • 1978–1985: Establishing the Mission-driven Organization

    The first several years of NCSBN's existence focused on establishing a mission-driven organization that was rooted in public protection and strengthening the role of boards of nursing in nursing regulation.

    2018 | Video

  • 2008–2013: Collaboration and Outreach

    Health care has become increasingly global in scope. NCSBN saw this evolution as an opportunity to grow and collaborate reaching new, diverse audiences both nationally and internationally, as the organization continued its mission of public safety.

    2018 | Video

  • 2003–2007: Promoting Evidence-based Nursing Regulation

    As the body of nursing regulation knowledge becomes more expansive, NCSBN relies on evidence that is rooted in theory and based on research to assist in making regulatory decisions. NCSBN embraced the challenges and opportunities of evidence-based nursing regulation.

    2018 | Video

  • 1986–1994: Forging New Frontiers with Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

    NCSBN had its eye on the future as it began researching the use of computer adaptive testing for the NCLEX. It took several years of research and hard work by dedicated professionals, but in 1994, NCSBN became the first health care organization to utilize computerized adaptive testing for the purpose of licensure.

    2018 | Video

  • 2014–2018: Surging Towards the Future

    Standing on the firm foundation of its past NCSBN looks forward to building even stronger partnerships with other regulatory bodies both nationally and internationally. Entering its fifth decade of operation NCSBN seeks out new opportunities and faces its challenges head on.

    2018 | Video

  • 1995–2002: Transforming Regulation Through Technology

    Emerging technologies were changing the world as the beginning of the 21st century approached. NCSBN welcomed new technological tools, resources and mediums that forever changed the trajectory of nursing regulation.

    2018 | Video

  • In Focus Summer 2018

    • Impacting Change: NCSBN Office of Government Affairs Influences Policy at the Federal and State Levels
    • Influencing and Engaging Others: The College of Nurses of Ontario Receives NCSBN’s 2018 Regulatory Achievement Award
    • You Do Not Have to Be a Nurse to Be a Leader: Bohn’s Thoughts on Leadership 
    • Nursys QuickConfirm: the Free and Easy Way to Verify Nurse Authorization to Practice
    • NCLEX Practice Exam

    2018 | Publication

  • Nursys for Members

    Exclusive service for NCSBN member boards that houses a nurse's personal information, licensing information, disciplinary information and license verifications.