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  • Nurses and Social Media: Regulatory Concerns and Guidelines

    This article describes the professional, ethical, and legal implications of using social media inappropriately and provides guidelines from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for using them appropriately.     

    2011 | Publication

  • Ethics and Professional Conduct: Striving for a Professional Ideal

    The authors introduce the Staircase Model for Professional Development as a framework for nurses’ growth as nurse professionals.     

    2012 | Publication

  • Avoiding Violations of Patient Privacy with Social Media

    This article provides a summary of social media and privacy laws, discusses the legal issues health care organizations and workers face when a breach of patient privacy occurs, and offers best practices for avoiding privacy violations.     

    2013 | Publication

  • Nursing Scope of Practice Issues in Public Health Emergencies

    This article provides an overview of nursing regulation during public health emergencies. Many nurses are quick to volunteer during an emergency; being prepared in advance will help the overall response effort.

    2011 | Publication

  • Electronic Health Records and the Implications for Nursing Practice

    Nurse regulators need to understand the capabilities and limitations of EHRs because these tools will be integral to future nursing practice. This article reviews issues regarding EHRs and the implications for nursing practice.

    2011 | Publication

  • Practice Support Initiatives That Contribute to the Regulation of RNs and NPs

    In British Columbia, the regulatory body recognizes that providing support so nurses can meet the Standards of Practice helps protect the public and promote the goal of competent, ethical care. This article describes the mechanisms through which practice support is provided and some tools that help RNs apply standards and meet expectations for professional practice.

    2012 | Publication

  • Medication Administration in Nursing Homes: RN Delegation to UAP

    The purposes of this article are to provide an overview of medication errors in nursing homes, an understanding of the challenges nursing homes face in ensuring safe medication processes, and the role delegation can play in safe medication administration.

    2011 | Publication

  • Analysis of Employed Medication Aides in All Health Care Settings

    This article provides the results of a nonexperimental, descriptive study conducted to explore the frequency and importance of activities performed by certified, entry level MAs. More than 1,800 MAs provided valid responses.

    2012 | Publication

  • An Alternative Method of Transitioning Into Practice: A Non-Employee Based Program

    In this article a program that takes an innovative, alternative approach to transitioning RNs into practice developed and implemented by nurse leaders in the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston, Texas, is described and discussed.

    2012 | Publication

  • Nursing Internships: Practicing Without a License

    This article explores nursing internship programs not associated with nursing courses or curricula but are stand-alone programs used to recruit nurses. Issues discussed are the nurse interns’ liability and misunderstanding of the licensure requirement and the health-care systems' promotion of practice without a license.

    2011 | Publication