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  • Nursys Policy Manual

    The Nursys Policy Manual for NCSBN members who participate in Nursys.


  • Nursys Tip Sheets

    Tip sheets that provide general guidance related to reporting discipline into Nursys to ensure that all reportable discipline is in Nursys and meets the reportable guidelines set forth by NPDB.



    Tool that tracks elements of nursing practice breakdown.


  • NLC Discipline Investigation: Part 2

    Presentation for New Jersey & Vermont

    2021 | Recorded Webinar

  • NLC Discipline Investigation: Part 1

    Presentation for New Jersey & Vermont

    2021 | Recorded Webinar

  • Understanding Primary State of Residence Webinar

    June 15, 2021 

    2021 | Recorded Webinar

  • Follow the Manual

    Participate in three short sessions to help you understand the difference between policy, statute, rule, advisory opinions and regulatory FAQs. Learn how to locate policy-related resources and utilize the Policy Manual in a way that is applicable to day-to-day situations you may face at your own boards.

    Priming the Pavement

    The NLC Policy Committee ensures policies and procedures exist to guide the day-to-day operations of the Compact. However, what is the pathway to implementation of NLC Policies? What is the difference between policy,  statute, rule, advisory opinions and regulatory FAQs in terms of the level of authority each carries? If you have ever had these same questions, this session is for you! It will provide a quick refresh regarding the process for creating policies and help

    The Pathway to Resources

    The NLC has a plethora of online resources. A Policy Committee member will share quick tips and tricks on how to access resources at your fingertips. In this session, we will also test your visual memory by

    embarking on a virtual road trip with a website scavenger hunt. 

    The Road Less Traveled: Let the Policy Manual Be Your GPS

    Need direction in terms of NLC Administration, Licensure, Nursys, Discipline or Compliance? If you answered yes, look no further than this session. Policy Committee members will showcase the existing NLC policy manual, highlight existing policies and review newly added policies. This engaging session will take a deep dive into questions members have, remind you of pitfalls to avoid, and highlight issues and solutions through storytelling and utilization of case scenarios.

    2021 | Event Presentation

  • Upwards and Onwards: NLC Rulemaking

    In a series of four quick sessions, grow your understanding of the NLC rulemaking process, get access to guiding documents and test your knowledge with a round of interactive games that make rulemaking a little more fun.

    Setting Forward: Begin with Rulemaking

    Do you know how the NLC rules originated or how the Rules Committee decides which NLC issues require a rule? Learn this and more in this quick introductory session, filled with a competitive and informative round of trivia.

    The Guide to Driving by the Rules

    Rulemaking can be a complicated process which is alike but different from state processes. What are all of its procedural steps? Have you wished that all the nuances and intricacies were captured in one all-inclusive place? Look no further! In this session NLC Co-Chairs will reveal one of the Rules Committee’s newest resources, The NLC Rulemaking Handbook. Co-chairs will explain how this project came about and share use-case scenarios that will help you in your day-to-day work.

    Follow the Map: Understanding Adverse Action

    Do you get confused when you try to understand the concept of adverse action and determine if it is a disqualifying event for a licensee to obtain a multistate license? When do adverse actions disqualify applicants? When don’t they? Confusing? If the words adverse action results in “just don’t get it response,” this session is for you. Join Rules Committee members for a journey through adverse action, what it means, and how it applies to disqualifying events.

    2021 | Event Presentation

  • Cruising the Path of Discipline and Investigations

    Join this facilitated question/answer session to learn more about NLC statutes related to discipline and investigations and receive examples of common pitfalls to avoid.

    In this session, attendees will learn about NLC statutes and rules related to discipline and investigations. Public protection features of the NLC will also be reviewed. Presenters will provide examples and share some of the pitfalls to avoid in the investigation and discipline process. A moderated discussion will follow.



    2021 | Event Presentation

  • Cruise Control: NLC Compliance

    Join a series of engaging sessions to learn about party state compliance — in terms of licensure, Nursys, alternative to discipline, and enforcement — and view your role through the lens of party state responsibilities under the compact.

    Licensure: A Solid Foundation for the NLC

    Uniform licensure requirements are the backbone of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. Join us for a 30-minute segment of NLC news and interviews that demonstrate how consistent enforcement of these requirements by party states ensures that both nurses and the public can have confidence in the compact. Consistent application of the uniform licensure requirements during the initial application and licensure process is one of the most important responsibilities of a party state. Our hope is that the licensure portion of the self-assessment will allow boards to think about application processing and licensure procedures through the lens of their responsibilities under the compact.

    Nursys: A Critical Tool Driving NLC Success

    Nursys has a variety of information, tools and reports ready at your fingertips. But how exactly do you navigate Nursys and take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with uploading licensure information, processing speed memos, turning on Nurse Alert when there is a significant investigation and more? This educational session will poll your knowledge, engage you in discussion, demonstrate Nursys functionality and share categories of speed memos and examples.

    Avoiding Regulatory Dead Ends

    We have all heard of “bad apple” nurses. The story of Charles Cullen, “the angel of death” gained worldwide attention and inspired the writing of the Good Nurse, a true story about medicine, killing and monstrosity. Bad nurse cases demonstrate the vitality of ensuring boards of nursing enforce rules and regulations that protect patient safety such as sharing of investigative information, taking adverse action such as revoking a license, or limiting the practice of a nurse. This storytelling session will share a hypothetical situation to help you better understand enforcement and why coordination through the compact is vital to protecting the public.

    Navigating the ATD Route

    We know that participation in an alternative to discipline program is like a red light to getting a multistate license (MSL). When enrolled in an ATD program, the applicant is not eligible for a MSL. Period. However, what other key things do you need to know regarding ATD participation to ensure your board is compliant with the compact statute and rules? This quick hit session will provide you with five key takeaways you need to know.

    Administering NLC Road Rules

    What are the few critical elements which are required for state participation and administration of the NLC. This session will test your knowledge and provide a quick refresh on a few aspects of compact administration.

    2021 | Event Presentation

  • Finding the Hidden Pathways: Roadwork Ahead: Changes and Enhancements to Nursys

    In this quick session Technology Task Force members will review and discuss key Nursys enhancements such as the addition of alternative to discipline (ATD) program reports to audit reports, development of various Nursys reports such as one with ability to display temporary licenses issued with multistate status, a report for displaying ATD participants with a date range, and reports to display current active multistate licensees who are currently under discipline. Additionally, you will receive an update on future work of the task force.

    2021 | Event Presentation

  • Finding the Hidden Pathways: Roadwork Ahead: Research Committee

    Meet the New Kids on the Block
    Meet the newest NLC Committee, the Research Committee, established on Oct. 1, 2020. In this introductory session you will meet the members, learn why the committee was created, the committee’s charges, and receive a quick preview of current and future work of the committee.

    The Journey to Unearth the Best Kept Secrets of NLC
    Have you ever wondered what facts and figures currently exist regarding the NLC? What types of research have been done regarding the NLC’s economic model, its financial impact, effectiveness of NLC outreach campaigns, the NLC’s impact on telehealth, and more? Join the NLC Research Committee as they unearth the top 10 best kept secrets of NLCrelated past research in an interactive game of Kahoot!  trivia. The session will conclude with an engaging discussion about identified research needs.

    2021 | Event Presentation