NCSBN produces a wide variety of publications, online courses, videos, brochures, toolkits and newsletters presenting in-depth information and best practice techniques that contribute to the body of nursing knowledge.

  • ICRS/GLARE Highlight Video

    Later this year, NCSBN will launch the International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS), formerly known as the Global Leadership Academy of Regulatory Excellence (GLARE). In this video, staff working on the new program talk about what the program is and how it will benefit nursing regulation. 

    2019 | Video

  • In Focus Spring 2019

    • National Center for Independent Examination (NCIE), Kazakhstan
    • Leaders Engage in Facilitated Dialogue at NLC Commissioner Summit
    • Next Generation NCLEX NGN Talks Video Series
    • NCSBN Prepares to Launch International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS)
    • An Attitude of Gratitude Makes Kathy Thomas a Mentor to Many
    • NCSBN Builds In-house Focal Point Studio

    2019 | Publication

  • NGN News - Winter 2019

    Published quarterly, this newsletter provides the latest information about the work to assess potential changes to the NCLEX Examinations.

    Newsletter topics:

    • The NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model
    • The Layers of the Clinical Judgment Model
    • NGN Talks   

    2019 | Publication

  • Uniform Licensure Requirements

    Uniform Licensure Requirements (ULRs) are the essential prerequisites for initial, endorsement, renewal and reinstatement licensure needed across every NCSBN jurisdiction to ensure the safe and competent practice of nursing. ULRs protect the public by setting consistent standards and promoting a health care system that is fluid and accessible by removing barriers to care and maximizing portability for nurses. They also assure the consumer that a nurse in one state has met the requirements of the nurses in every other state. ULRs support the fact that the expectations for the education of a nurse and the responsibilities of a nurse are the same throughout every NCSBN member board jurisdiction in the United States.

    2011 | Publication

  • Report of Findings from the 2018 LPN/VN Nursing Knowledge Survey (Vol. 76)

    This periodic performance of practice analyses (i.e., job analysis) studies assists NCSBN in evaluating the validity of the test plan that guides content distribution of the licensure examination. Because changes can occur in licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/VN) practice, practice analyses are conducted on a three-year cycle. 

    2019 | Research Item

  • NCSBN Historical Timeline Website

    In honor of its 40th anniversary this year, NCSBN has launched a redesigned and updated interactive timeline that chronicles its history and contributions to nursing regulation.

    2019 | Website

  • 2018 NCSBN Year In Review

    Explore the inaugural Year in Review microsite that documents all of NCSBN’s accomplishments and initiatives in the past year.

    2019 | Website

  • Nursys Policies

    The Nursys Policy Manual for NCSBN members who participate in Nursys.


  • Future of Approval Toolkit

    Toolkit that includes resources about program approval and national nursing accreditation.


  • NGN Talks: Test Validity

    Test validity is the degree to which evidence and theory support the interpretations of test scores. It’s the most important criteria when determining exam quality – and a continuous process that helps gather evidence and data that determine sound scoring methods. This NGN talk looks at what's being done to ensure the validity of the Next Generation NCLEX.

    2019 | Video

  • The Global Forum on Health Professional Education, Lessons for America

    2019 | Event Presentation

  • Safe Student Reports Conference Call - April 2019

    NCSBN’s quarterly conference call to discuss the Safe Student Reports (SSR) research study with participating nursing programs. For the April 2019 call, discussion included an update on the future of the study, guidance tips and related studies.

    2019 | Recorded Webinar