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  • Standard Setting 

    Standard setting is a process used by testing professionals to determine the passing score on a test. It is an important step in establishing the validity and legal defensibility of an exam program. The NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams are reevaluated for their respective passing standards triennially. In this session, NCSBN staff discuss the steps involved in setting NCLEX passing standards, including how to set the passing standard on Next Generation NCLEX items.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Update 

    The NGN launched on April 1, 2023, to better measure nursing candidates’ clinical judgment and decision making abilities through the use of innovative item types. This session will give an update on the NGN project.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)  

    The NCLEX is a variable-length computerized adaptive test (CAT). It resorts to modern psychometric theory coupled with the state-of-the-art computer-driven administration to deliver a psychometrically sound, standardized exams for evaluating candidates’ performance with the passing standard required to conduct safe, entry-level nursing practice. This session describes the background and algorithms behind the NGN CAT methodology.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • Item Scoring 

    The NGN scores items using one of three scoring rules: 0/1 scoring rule, +/- scoring rule or the rationale scoring rule. This session explores each of these three scoring rules by using examples that cover all eligible item types on the NCLEX exam. Additionally, the session will cover general information about using the Partial Credit Model to convert the item scores onto the NCLEX scale.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • Sensitivity and Differential Item Functioning (DIF)  

    NCSBN ensures fairness for different groups taking the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams. Candidates with comparable nursing knowledge should perform similarly on exam items regardless of other factors. This session describes how sensitivity and DIF panel reviews contribute to the fairness and legal defensibility of an exam.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Application to Educational Settings 

    As the nursing profession evolves to keep pace with the increased demands in care delivery, entry-level nurses are expected to possess sound clinical judgment skills to deliver safe, effective nursing care. In this session, speakers discuss the essential role of clinical judgment in entry-level nursing and its impact on client safety, along with providing exemplary instances of the application of clinical judgment in the educational setting.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • NCLEX Overview: Exam Development 

    The NCLEX is a valid and reliable standardized exam that measures the minimal competency required to practice safe, entry-level nursing. To achieve this, the exam is developed using a multilayered process that includes an evidence-based content outline, item development using nursing content expert volunteers, several reviews, and industry-standard exam principles. This session describes the methods used to achieve the quality exam development and maintenance the nursing profession has come to rely on and trust.

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • NCLEX Overview: Operations 

    In addition to developing the NCLEX, NCSBN provides daily operational, security and customer service support. The Consolidated Services and Customer Experience departments provide support for NCLEX candidates, educators and nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs). During this session, we explore the NCLEX registration process, online resources and exam security measures, highlighting what candidates can expect before, during and after the NCLEX. The session concludes with a summary of the NCLEX testing accommodation process, including the roles of candidates, NCSBN, Pearson VUE and NRBs. 

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • In Focus 2023, Vol. 3

    • Forging a Different Path: David Benton Guided NCSBN Through Growth, Challenges and Change
    • Nursing at the Crossroads: NCSBN Study Projects Significant Workforce Shortages and Potential Crisis
    • Pathways to Leadership: The Wisdom of Fred Rogers
    • Nevada State Board of Nursing Celebrates 100 Years

    2023  | Magazines

  • Keynote: The Sky is Not the Limit

    2023  | Event Presentation

  • 2023 Award Recipient – David Benton

    2023 Founders Award

    David Benton, RGN, PhD, FRCN, FAAN, NCSBN CEO, 2015-2023

    This prestigious award is given only upon occasion that an individual with ethics, integrity and sincerity has demonstrated the highest regard for the ideals and beliefs upon which NCSBN was founded.

    2023  | Video

  • 2023 Award Recipient – Paula R. Meyer

    2023 Meritorious Service Award

    Paula K. Meyer, MSN, RN, FRE, Former Executive Director, Washington State Board of Nursing

    The Meritorious Service Award is granted to a member for significant contributions to the mission and vision of NCSBN.

    2023  | Video