Application Center

Submitting a Proposal

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) welcomes proposals from:

  • Institutions of higher education
  • Public and private organizations, institutions and agencies
  • Individuals

Affiliation or partnership with a university or nursing school is not required.

Award Cycle & Submission Deadlines

The TAC meets twice a year, in spring and fall. 

Submission Deadlines

Spring Funding Cycle: Submit by February 1
Fall Funding Cycle: Submit by July 1

Funding Limits

 The TAC provides various levels of funding dependent on the complexity of the request and the research design.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

  1. Significance of objectives or purposes
  2. Articulation of perspective(s) or theoretical framework
  3. Execution of methods, techniques or modes of inquiry
  4. Feasibility of study design with current NCLEX data structure
  5. Appropriateness of data sources, evidence, objects and materials
  6. Grounded results, substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments
  7. Originality of scientific or scholarly significance of the study
  8. Alignment of study with NCLEX research agenda and operational needs
  9. Appropriateness of requested fund amount in relation to estimated workload