Board of Directors

Photo of Katherine Thomas

Katherine Thomas, MN, RN, FAAN, President


Katherine Thomas is the Executive Director of the Texas Board of Nursing. She served on the Board of Directors as President-elect from 2014-2016, as Director at Large from 2009-2012 and was board liaison to the committee that developed the Substance Use Disorder Guidelines and the committee that developed the Uniform License Requirements. She chaired several advanced practice registered nurse advisory committees from 1995-2007 and represented NCSBN on the Joint Dialogue Group who developed the APRN Consensus Model (2007-2008). She also served on the Awards Panel (2002-2003) and the Bylaws Committee (2012- 2013).

Photo of Julia George

Julia George, MSN, RN, FRE, President-Elect


Julia George, MSN, RN, FRE, executive director, North Carolina Board of Nursing, served on the Board of Directors as treasurer from 2011-2016. She served as the Area III director from 2007-2011 and is a Fellow of the NCSBN Institute of Regulatory Excellence. George served on the NCSBN Resolutions Committee from 2002-2003 and the NCSBN Practice, Regulation & Education Committee from 2003-2004.

Photo of Gloria Damgaard

Gloria Damgaard, MS, RN, FRE, Treasurer


Gloria Damgaard is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Board of Nursing. She served on the Board of Directors as Director-at-Large from 2012-2016. She has served on various committees, including Resolutions, Elections, Nursys Business Design, and CORE. She also served as a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact Executive Committee for four years and as Chair for an additional four years.

Photo of Cynthia Labond

Cynthia Labonde, MN, RN, Area I Director


Cynthia LaBonde was appointed the Executive Director of the Wyoming State Board of Nursing in 2012.  Cynthia completed NCSBN's Executive Leadership Program 2014-2015, served as the Election Committee Chair for NCSBN's 2014 Delegate Assembly, was the Vice-Chair of the Executive Officer Leadership Committee 2014-2017 and served on the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact Model Rules and Implementation Committee 2016-2017.   

Photo of Adrian Guerrero

Adrian Guerrero, CPM, Area II Director


Adrian Guerrero, CPM, Director of Operations, Kansas State Board of Nursing was elected Area II director in August 2015. He previously served as chair of the Nursys Committee and a member of both the Fraud Detection Committee and the Nursys Advisory Panel.

Photo of Jim Cleghorn

Jim Cleghorn, MA, Area III Director


Jim Cleghorn was appointed as the Executive Director of the Georgia Board of Nursing in August 2010. He served on the NCSBN Commitment to Regulatory Excellence (CORE) Committee from 2012-2014.

Photo of Valerie Fuller

Valerie Fuller, PhD, DNP, AGACNP-BC, FNP-BC, FAANP, Area IV Director


Valerie Fuller is the Board President and APRN member of the Maine State Board of Nursing. She served on the APRN Consensus Committee from 2012-2014, the APRN Distance Committee from 2014-2015 and as the Chair of the APRN Education Committee from 2015-2016. 

Photo of Elizabeth Lund

Elizabeth Lund, MSN, RN, Director-at-Large


Elizabeth Lund, MSN, RN, Executive Director, Tennessee Board of Nursing, was elected Director-at-Large in August 2017. She has chaired four NCSBN committees, including, most recently, the Executive Officer Succession Resource Committee. She has served on a variety of committees including the 40th, 35th, 30th and 25th Anniversary Committees; Bylaws; Regulation; Awards and Finance. She previously served as Treasurer of the Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators.

Photo of Karen Scipio-Skinner

Karen Scipio-Skinner, MSN, RN, Director-at-Large


Karen Scipio-Skinner, MSN, RN, was appointed as the District of Columbia Board of Nursing's, executive director in 2002. She was appointed to serve as a member of the DC Board of Nursing from 1974-1994.  She has chaired NCSBN’s Executive Officers Network and served as a member of NCSBN’s Commitment to Ongoing Regulatory Excellence Committee and Awards Committee.

Photo of Valerie Smith

Valerie Smith, MS, RN, FRE, Director-at-Large


Valerie Smith is an Associate Director for the Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBN).  Her responsibilities over the past twenty years have included direction and oversight of the AZBN’s complaint and investigations department, alternative and discipline compliance monitoring programs, and hearing department.   She has served on several NCSBN committees including chairing the Discipline Resources Advisory Committee (2001-2006), a member of the Substance Use Disorder Program Review Committee (2008 -2010), and chair of 2014 CORE Discipline Subcommittee.  In 2007, she was inducted as a Fellow of Regulatory Excellence (FRE).

Photo of Lori Scheidt

Lori Scheidt, MBA-HCM, Director-at-Large


Lori Scheidt, MBA-HCM, is the Executive Director of the Missouri State Board of Nursing. She has served on numerous NCSBN committees including chair of the Fraud Detection Committee and Member Board Agreement Review Committee. She served as Vice-Chair of the Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators Executive Committee for four years and has been very active with the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact including serving on the Legislative Strategy Team and Model Rules and Implementation Work Group. She has been the recipient of the Exceptional Contribution and Meritorious Service Awards.