2019 Midyear Meeting

March 26-28, 2019 - San Antonio, TX

The NCSBN Midyear Meeting includes the business of NCSBN, leadership and education. Members gather to discuss and decide NCSBN’s future initiatives regarding licensure, regulation and issues facing nursing. The meeting is for NCSBN members and associate members only.

2019 NCSBN APRN Roundtable

April 9, 2019 - Rosemont, IL

The NCSBN APRN Roundtable: The Challenges and Innovations in APRN Education is an opportunity for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) stakeholders to discuss common issues/concerns regarding APRNs.

2019 NCSBN NCLEX Conference for Canadian Educators

April 29, 2019 - Toronto, ON

The 2019 NCLEX® Conference for Canadian Educators is a one-day, educational conference that provides NCLEX program updates offered by the experts that develop and administer the exam.

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EventStart DateEnd DateEvent TypeAudienceLocationMeeting Page Link
Presidents' Day (NCSBN Holiday)
Presidents' Day (NCSBN Holiday)
Start Date02/18/2019End Date02/18/2019Event TypeHolidayAudienceLocationMeeting Page Link
Presidents' Day (NCSBN Holiday)
Leadership Succession Committee February 2019 Start Date02/19/2019End Date02/20/2019Event TypeCommittee MeetingAudienceCommittee MembersLocationNCSBNMeeting Page Link
Leadership Succession Call Start Date02/19/2019End Date02/19/2019Event TypeOtherAudienceBoard Staff Committee Members Executive OfficersLocationConference CallMeeting Page Link
NLC Rules Committee Meeting February 20-21, 2019 Start Date02/20/2019End Date02/21/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceLocationDallas, TXMeeting Page Link
APRN Knowledge Network Call - February 2019 Start Date02/21/2019End Date02/21/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceLocationNCSBNMeeting Page Link
NLC Commissioner Summit February 22-23, 2019 Start Date02/22/2019End Date02/23/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceLocationDallas, TXMeeting Page Link
Executive Officer Networking Call - Feburary 25 Start Date02/25/2019End Date02/25/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceExecutive OfficersLocationConference CallMeeting Page Link
Model Acts & Rules Committee - March 2019 Start Date03/04/2019End Date03/05/2019Event TypeCommittee MeetingAudienceLocationMeeting Page Link
Discipline Knowledge Network Call - March 2019 Start Date03/12/2019End Date03/12/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceLocationNCSBNMeeting Page Link
IRE Webinar Start Date03/12/2019End Date03/12/2019Event TypeOtherAudienceLocationMeeting Page Link
Education Consultants Conference Call- 3.13.19 Start Date03/13/2019End Date03/13/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceLocationNational Council of State Boards of NursingMeeting Page Link
NCLEX Item Review Subcommittee Meeting - March 2019 Start Date03/18/2019End Date03/19/2019Event TypeCommittee MeetingAudienceLocationNCSBN Chicago OfficeMeeting Page Link
IT/Operations FY19 Quarterly Conference Call Start Date03/19/2019End Date03/19/2019Event TypeOtherAudienceLocationMeeting Page Link
NLC Commission Meeting (Face to Face) Start Date03/25/2019End Date03/25/2019Event TypeKnowledge Network MeetingAudienceLocationTBDMeeting Page Link
2019 NCSBN Midyear Meeting Start Date03/26/2019End Date03/28/2019Event TypeNCSBN EventAudienceBoard Members Board of Directors Board Staff Executive Officers PresidentsLocationSan Antonio, TXMeeting Page Link