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  • April 4 | Rosemont, IL

    The NCSBN APRN Roundtable is an opportunity for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) stakeholders to discuss common issues/concerns regarding APRNs.

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  • June 12-14, 2017 | Pittsburgh, PA

    This conference provides an interactive and informative forum to learn effective investigative tools, strategies and procedures for regulatory proceedings. 

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  • Aug. 16-18, 2017 | Chicago, IL

    The NCSBN Annual Meeting contains the official business meeting of the NCSBN Delegate Assembly.

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  • Sept. 25, 2017 | Chicago, IL

    NCSBN's annual NCLEX Conference is a one-day educational conference that provides current NCLEX program updates offered by the experts that develop and administer the examinations. 

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Meetings Calendar

NCSBN members should complete the travel profile to increase the accuracy of booking through the NCSBN Corporate Travel Agent. Contact the Executive Office department with questions.

EventStart DateEnd DateLocationDress Code*AudienceMeeting Page Link
IRE Committee Meeting Start Date03/30/2017End Date03/31/2017LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkIRE Committee Meeting
Nursing Education Outcomes and Metrics Committee - April 2017 Meeting Start Date04/03/2017End Date04/04/2017LocationNCSBN OfficeDress CodeBCBusiness CasualAudienceCommittee MembersMeeting Page LinkNursing Education Outcomes and Metrics Committee - April 2017 Meeting
eNLC Draft Model Rules Work Group Meeting April 2017 Start Date04/03/2017End Date04/03/2017LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page Link eNLC Draft Model Rules Work Group Meeting April 2017
2017 NCSBN APRN Roundtable Start Date04/04/2017End Date04/04/2017LocationRosemont, ILDress CodeAudienceBoard Executives Board Members Board of Directors Board Staff General Public Health Care Organizations Policy MakersMeeting Page Link2017 NCSBN APRN Roundtable
Awards Committee Meeting Start Date04/04/2017End Date04/04/2017LocationNCSBN Dress CodeBBusinessAudienceCommittee MembersMeeting Page LinkAwards Committee Meeting
Education Consultant Conference Call Start Date04/05/2017End Date04/05/2017LocationNCSBN OfficesDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkEducation Consultant Conference Call
Discipline Knowledge Network Call - March 2017 Start Date04/06/2017End Date04/06/2017LocationNCSBNDress CodeAudienceKnowledge Network MembersMeeting Page LinkDiscipline Knowledge Network Call - March 2017
NCLEX Examination Committee Meeting - April 2017 Start Date04/10/2017End Date04/11/2017LocationNCSBN OfficesDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkNCLEX Examination Committee Meeting - April 2017
Bylaws Committee- April 2017 Meeting Start Date04/10/2017End Date04/11/2017LocationChicago, ILDress CodeAudienceCommittee MembersMeeting Page LinkBylaws Committee- April 2017 Meeting
Policy Knowledge Network Call Start Date04/12/2017End Date04/12/2017LocationDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkPolicy Knowledge Network Call
Practice Kowledge Network Call - April 2017 Start Date04/13/2017End Date04/13/2017LocationNCSBNDress CodeAudienceKnowledge Network MembersMeeting Page LinkPractice Kowledge Network Call - April 2017
Executive Officer Networking Call - April 17 2017 Start Date04/17/2017End Date04/17/2017LocationConference CallDress CodeAudienceKnowledge Network MembersMeeting Page LinkExecutive Officer Networking Call - April 17 2017
New Executive Officer Orientation Start Date04/18/2017End Date04/18/2017LocationNCSBNDress CodeBBusinessAudienceMeeting Page LinkNew Executive Officer Orientation
Research Knowledge Network Call Quarter 2 Start Date04/19/2017End Date04/19/2017LocationConference CAllDress CodeAudienceKnowledge Network MembersMeeting Page LinkResearch Knowledge Network Call Quarter 2
IT/Operations Networking Call Start Date04/19/2017End Date04/19/2017LocationWebExDress CodeAudienceMeeting Page LinkIT/Operations Networking Call
*Dress Code: B=Business, BC=Business Casual, C=Casual