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Educational Videos

Most of NCSBN's educational video productions are designed to provide clarity to nurses, nursing students and others about some of the most challenging issues nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs) face in their mission to protect the public. NCSBN is currently in production on several other videos, so check back here for new releases.

  • Candidate Registration Process

    The NCSBN Examinations Operations team demonstrates the NCLEX registration process and highlights online resources NCSBN has available to educators and students. This video shows what candidates can expect before, during and after the exam.

    2020 | Video

  • Review of NCLEX Modifications Effective Oct 1, 2020

    NCSBN's Director of Test Development, Jason Schwartz, shares changes coming soon to the NCLEX.

    2020 | Event Presentation

  • Making Travel Nursing Easier with a Multistate License

    This video provides information related to how the Nurse Licensure Compact and multistate license pertain to travel nurses. It provides primary state of residence requirements as well as pitfalls to avoid and other helpful information.

    2020 | Video

  • REx-PN Using CAT

    The REx-PN is a new Canadian Practical Nurse exam developed for the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP) and the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) to assist in making licensure decisions. The exam uses computerized adaptive testing (CAT) to measure each candidate’s competence to perform safely and effectively as a newly licensed, entry-level nurse. CAT is a method for administering exams that merges computer technology with modern measurement theory to increase the efficiency of the exam process. This video explains why CAT is used for the REx-PN and how it works. Topics covered include item selection and pass/fail rules. Find out more about the exam and CAT.

    2020 | Video

  • REx-PN: un Examen Adaptatif Informatisé

    Le REx-PN est un nouvel examen d’autorisation pour les infirmières auxiliaires autorisées canadiennes. Développé pour le British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP) et l’Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers de l’Ontario (OIIO) pour faciliter les prises de décision ayant trait à l’autorisation d’exercer. L’examen utilise la technologie adaptative informatisée pour évaluer la compétence de chaque personne à exercer la profession d’infirmière en tant que nouvellement diplômée de manière sécuritaire et efficace au niveau débutant. L’examen adaptative informatisée utilise une méthode d’administration qui combine la technologie informatique avec une théorie de mesure moderne pour créer un processus d’examen plus efficace. Cette vidéo explique pourquoi le REx-PN est un examen adaptative informatisée et comment il fonction. Elle présente, entre autres, le mode de sélection des questions et les règles suivies pour déterminer une réussite ou un échec.  Apprenez-en davantage sur l’examen et la technologie adaptative informatisée

    2020 | Video

  • Practice/Academic Partnership During the COVID-19 Crisis

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals have suspended clinical experiences for nursing students. To benefit both students and hospitals during the crisis, NCSBN has joined with other national nursing organizations to promote a practice-academic partnership model. This video looks at the model and the successes two states have had implementing it.

    2020 | Video

  • State of the World's Nursing Report: Recommendations & Their Relevance to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The World Health Organization has released the State of the World's Nursing Report. The report has ten recommendations for the nursing community. In this video, NCSBN CEO, David Benton, looks at those recommendations and how nurses and nurse regulators can apply them to nursing practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additional information about the report and its impact on nursing regulators is available in the State of the World's Nursing Report video.

    2020 | Video

  • State of the World's Nursing Report

    The World Health Organization has released the State of the World's Nursing Report. The report is the most important document created in relation to the nursing profession. In this video, NCSBN CEO, David Benton, looks report and offers insight into what it means for nurses and nurse regulators. More information about how the report applies to nursing practice during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found in the State of the World's Nursing Report: Recommendations & Their Relevance to the COVID-19 Pandemic video.

    2020 | Video

  • A Look at Occupational Licensing: Insights from the Healthcare Regulatory CEO Collaborative

    Members of the Healthcare Regulatory CEO Collaborative (HRCC) discuss the debate over occupational licensing and some of the challenges their organizations face.

    2020 | Video

  • Explanation of the Nurse Licensure Compact for Nurses

    This short video helps explain the Nurse Licensure Compact to all nurses.  It explains what a NLC multistate license is and provides a broad overview of steps nurses need to take when permanently changing their home states.

    2019 | Video

  • Explanation of the Nurse Licensure Compact for Nurse Employers

    This short video is geared specifically to nurse employers. It explains the Nurse Licensure Compact and provides scenario-based examples of steps to take when hiring nurses that may or may not be changing their primary state of legal residence.

    2019 | Video

  • New Nurses: Your License to Practice

    Nurses new to practice or preparing for their first nursing jobs will learn the ways the profession is regulated – through nursing licensure, boards of nursing and state laws called Nurse Practice Acts. Also covered are key issues of professional responsibility, including maintaining professional boundaries, and nursing ethics.

    2015 | Video

  • Professional Boundaries in Nursing

    Maintain professional boundaries and strengthen the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. This video helps explain the continuum of professional behavior and the consequences of boundary crossings, boundary violations and professional sexual misconduct. Internal and external factors that contribute to professional boundary issues, including social media, are explored.

    2014 | Video

  • Substance Use Disorder in Nursing

    Substance Use Disorder in Nursing tackles one of the most serious problems facing nursing today. The video provides a comprehensive look at the issue of substance use disorder and covers:

    • The facts about substance use disorder
    • Substance use disorder and nurses
    • Identification and reporting
    • Treatment and alternative to discipline programs
    • Recovery and return to practice

    2013 | Video

  • NCLEX: un examen adaptatif informatisé

    Le NCSBN a élaboré deux examens d’autorisation infirmière, le NCLEX-PN et le NCLEX-RN, qui font partie du processus utilisé par les organismes de réglementation de la profession infirmière pour accorder le permis d’exercice. Il s’agit d’un examen adaptatif informatisé qui évalue les compétences requises pour exercer la profession infirmière au niveau débutant de façon sécuritaire et efficace. Cet examen emploie une méthode d’administration qui fusionne la technologie informatique avec la théorie moderne de l’évaluation afin d’accroître l’efficacité du processus de l’examen. La vidéo explique pourquoi le NCLEX est un examen adaptatif informatisé et quel est le principe de tels examens. Les aspects couverts sont la sélection des questions et les règles de réussite/échec. Apprenez-en plus sur l’examen et le déroulement d’un examen adaptatif informatisé.​

    2012 | Video

  • NCLEX Using CAT

    NCSBN develops two licensure examinations, the NCLEX-PN and the NCLEX-RN, that are used by nursing regulatory bodies to assist in making licensure decisions. The exam uses computer adaptive testing (CAT) to measure the competencies needed to perform safely and effectively as a newly licensed, entry-level nurse. CAT is a method for administering exams that merges computer technology with modern measurement theory to increase the efficiency of the exam process. This video explains why CAT is used for NCLEX and how it works. Topics covered include item selection and pass/fail rules. Find out more about the exam and CAT.

    2012 | Video

  • Social Media Guidelines for Nurses

    Social media use is ubiquitous, but inappropriate posts by nurses have resulted in licensure and legal repercussions. NCSBN has developed guidelines for nurses and nursing students for using social media responsibly. Key points of these guidelines are summarized, along with dramatization of potential scenarios of inappropriate social media use.

    2011 | Video

  • NCSBN National Simulation Study Overview

    Learn more about NCSBN's landmark, national, multi-site, longitudinal study of simulation use in prelicensure nursing programs throughout the country. The study will begin Fall 2011 and will follow beginning nursing students from 10 participating schools throughout their nursing education.

    2011 | Video

  • Board of Nursing Complaint Process: Investigation to Resolution

    Once a complaint is filed with a board of nursing, the boards have a complaint process that they follow from review to resolution. This process is summarized in the NCSBN video Board of Nursing Complaint Process: Investigation to Resolution. This video was developed by the NCSBN 2010 Disciplinary Resource Committee and produced by NCSBN.

    2010 | Video

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are available to learn more about NCSBN and NRBs.

  • Member Board Profiles Custom Report Tool Tutorial

    Administrator provides instructions on how to create and print custom or complete reports from the Member Board Profiles application.

    2020 | Video

  • About NCSBN: An Introduction to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing

    For more than 40 years, NCSBN has served as a leader in nursing regulation. NCSBN is the vehicle through which nursing regulatory bodies act and counsel together on matters of common interest and concern affecting public health, safety and welfare. This video provides a brief history of NCSBN and explains what the organization does and how it achieves its mission of public protection.

    2019 | Video

  • The Right Decisions Come From the Right Questions

    To meet today’s client needs, improved measurement of the nurse’s clinical judgment is critical. At NCSBN, we are dedicated to assessing, and adapting to, the rapidly evolving health care environment, that’s why we are developing Next Generation NCLEX. 

    2019 | Video

  • The Next Generation NCLEX Asking the Right Questions

    The Next Generation NCLEX exam is about asking better questions to help nurses think critically when providing care to a client.

    2019 | Video

  • NCSBN Strategic Plan Animation 2020-2022

    The NCSBN strategic plan provides a way of focusing and prioritizing objectives as the organization moves forward. This animation summarizes the strategic initiatives for 2020-2022 and how they relate to NCSBN’s vision, mission and values.

    2019 | Video

  • International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS)

    Introducing NCSBN's new International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS). This video provides an overview of the two-year program that offers NCSBN members, Exam User members and Associate Members the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge, enhance their leadership skills and build a network of colleagues. You can learn more at

    2019 | Video

  • NCLEX Practice Exam Commercial

    The new NCLEX Practice Exam is the missing piece to help you prepare for exam day. It is timed and uses actual retired NCLEX items to give you a simulated exam experience. Learn more at

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys License Verification

    The Nurse License Verification service enables nurses to verify their license(s) from a Nursys licensure participating nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs) when applying for endorsement into another state. Nurses can verify their licenses by completing the Nursys verification process for $30 per license type, per each NRB where the nurse is applying. The nurse’s license verification is available immediately to the endorsing NRB.

    2018 | Video

  • Nursys e-Notify for Nurses

    e-Notify for nurses is a free of charge innovative nurse licensure notification system. The system helps nurses track their license and discipline statuses and provides license renewal reminders. The information is provided as it is entered into the Nursys database by participating nursing regulatory bodies. Learn more about Nursys and e-Notify for nurses.

    2018 | Video

  • NCSBN Global Regulatory Atlas Commercial

    The NCSBN Regulatory Atlas is the first comprehensive resource of nursing regulation around the world. It provides regulatory information for countries around the world, including licensure requirements, levels of nursing and mandatory education. Explore the NCSBN Regulatory Atlas at

    2018 | Video

  • Nursys e-Notify for Institutions

    e-Notify for institutions is an innovative nurse licensure notification system that delivers real-time notifications to employers about nurses in their employ. The system provides licensure and publicly available discipline data directly as the information is entered into the Nursys database by participating nursing regulatory bodies. Learn more about Nursys and nurse license verification.

    2018 | Video

  • Nursys QuickConfirm

    Licensure QuickConfirm is a free service that allows employers and recruiters to retrieve licensure and any applicable discipline documentation in one convenient location.

    2018 | Video

  • NCSBN New Logo Reveal

    Celebrating its 40th anniversary, NCSBN has created a new logo that builds upon the foundation of its previous one. The five squares are brought together to depict interconnectedness and then expanded to suggest a spherical shape of a globe. The square elements combined form a pattern signifying of collaboration between members and national and international peer organizations. The linear space between the elements connects them together creating a networking web extending around the globe. The whole design conveys the expanding influence of NCSBN as an international organization that is leading regulation excellence around the world. 

    2018 | Video

  • NCSBN Center for Regulatory Excellence Grant Program

    The NCSBN Center for Regulatory Excellence awards grants of up to $300,000 for scientific research projects that advance the science of nursing policy and regulation and build regulatory expertise worldwide.

    This video provides potential recipients an overview of the application requirements and helpful tips for putting together a successful grant application.

    2016 | Video

  • Center for Regulatory Excellence Commercial

    Learn about the Center for Regulatory Excellence grant program in this overview video. Get additional details about CRE.

    2014 | Video

  • The Role of Boards of Nursing

    This commercial spot, as seen on CBS affiliates, educates consumers and promotes the work of boards of nursing. This was created from a partnership between NCSBN and the CBS Community Partnership Program.

    2010 | Video

Members Only Videos

Private videos are available to NCSBN Members to learn more about NCSBN products and services. 

  • Thoughts on Leadership Succession

    Leadership Succession Committee (LSC) member, Joe Baker, Jr., discusses leadership opportunities at NCSBN and how participation has benefited him personally and professionally.

    2022 | Video

  • Take the Lead & Participate in NCSBN

    Getting involved with NCSBN benefits you both personally and professionally. Find out how to apply for a leadership position.

    2022 | Video

  • Passport Administration Help Video

    In this video, we'll show you the ins and outs of creating a new user within Passport. We'll start by signing to Passport as the Passport Admin, navigate through the administrator account, and then cover the easy steps for adding a new user.

    2020 | Video

  • Passport Overview Video

    Passport is an innovative tool that makes online interactions with NCSBN easier for members. It is designed to provide convenient access to all NCSBN websites and applications. This video will show you the benefits of Passport and how you can easily manage your profile and NCSBN application access from within Passport.

    2020 | Video

  • NCSBN Strategic Plan - Part 3

    2019 | Video

  • NCSBN Strategic Plan - Part 1

    2019 | Video

  • NCSBN Strategic Plan - Part 2

    2019 | Video

  • ICRS/GLARE Highlight Video

    Later this year, NCSBN will launch the International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS), formerly known as the Global Leadership Academy of Regulatory Excellence (GLARE). In this video, staff working on the new program talk about what the program is and how it will benefit nursing regulation. 

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Discipline for NLC Jurisdictions

    Nursys 101 - Discipline for NLC Jurisdictions highlights features that support the discipline entry process, which apply to the Nurse Licensure Compact states. Entering Privilege to Practice and apply/extend PTP are detailed with an explanation and demonstration of linked discipline cases.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Speed Memo

    Nursys 101 - Speed Memo demonstrates how nursing regulatory bodies may securely and quickly communicate about nurse license information using the speed memo feature of Nursys. An authorized Nursys user will be able to communicate with staff in other jurisdictions that share the same license or discipline responsibilities to facilitate communication about data in Nursys. This video highlights the speed memo categories and how to direct your speed memo to another jurisdiction. The video also demonstrates how to search and filter the speed memos and to delete speed memos from the inbox or sent box.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - License Verification

    Nursys 101 - License Verification demonstrates an overview of the license verification process including how to track and acknowledge a verification in Nursys.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Adding a License

    Nursys 101 - Adding a License demonstrates how to create a new license in Nursys for adding discipline.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Search

    Nursys 101 - Search demonstrates how to locate a nurse in the Nursys database. The search features, quick search and searching from the menu are detailed. Searching tips are also provided.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Administrator

    Nursys 101 - Administrator provides instructions on how a Nursys administrator can manage their users and their user's permissions from within Nursys.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Overview

    Nursys 101 - Overview explains the purpose of the website for U.S. Members and how the website is organized for an authorized user to access information on an individual nurse for the purpose of license verification, discipline and reporting.

    2019 | Video

  • Nursys 101 - Discipline

    Nursys 101 - Discipline demonstrates how to add discipline to a license. Also learn the steps for editing, revising and deleting discipline cases.

    2019 | Video

  • Delegate Orientation

    Recorded at the 2018 NCSBN Annual Meeting, this video covers everything delegates must know to effectively represent their nursing regulatory body at the NCSBN Delegate Assembly.

    2018 | Video

  • How Supports the eNLC

    This video explores how allows members of the public to view licensure information from the Nursys database. New features provide the public with a better understanding of where a nurse can practice as the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) is implemented.

    2018 | Video

  • Using to Support the eNLC

    This video explores how your nursing regulatory body (NRB) can use to collaborate and communicate securely and efficiently with other eNLC NRBs on issues related to the eNLC.

    2018 | Video

  • 10 Minute Insights: Pursuing Opportunities for Regulatory Excellence

    Information that is uploaded to the Nursys® and NPDB databases can be used in both strategic and operational performance assessment and improvement. 

    This video is part of NCSBN's 10 Minute Insight series meant to augment papers published in the Journal of Nursing Regulation and help nursing regulatory bodies maintain or improve their performance.

    2017 | Video

  • Hive Overview

    Hive is a space for committees and knowledge networks to easily collaborate and participate in dynamic discussions on topics important to you and nursing regulation.

    2015 | Video

  • The NCSBN Awards Program: Reflections of Past Recipients

     In honor and celebration of NCSBN’s 35th Anniversary, videos of past award recipients were recorded to capture NCSBN’s 35 years of recognizing members for excellence in nursing regulation. Recipients share their reflections of what it meant to them and the impact it had on their work in regulation.

    2013 | Video

Historical Videos

  • Rising to the Challenge

    When the Pearson VUE Testing Centers were shuttered because of the COVID-19 crisis, exam resumption was never a question of if it would happen, it was simply a question of how quickly it could happen. Testing resumed eight days later with a modified NCLEX that maintained the integrity of the exam delivered in a testing environment that adhered to CDC guidelines for social distancing and disinfection.

    2021 | Video

  • The NCSBN Founders: An Audacious Vision for Public Protection

    As NCSBN celebrates its 40th anniversary, we look back at the inspiring women who founded the organization.

    2018 | Video

  • 1986–1994: Forging New Frontiers with Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

    NCSBN had its eye on the future as it began researching the use of computer adaptive testing for the NCLEX. It took several years of research and hard work by dedicated professionals, but in 1994, NCSBN became the first health care organization to utilize computerized adaptive testing for the purpose of licensure.

    2018 | Video

  • 1978–1985: Establishing the Mission-driven Organization

    The first several years of NCSBN's existence focused on establishing a mission-driven organization that was rooted in public protection and strengthening the role of nursing regulatory bodies in nursing regulation.

    2018 | Video

  • 2003–2007: Promoting Evidence-based Nursing Regulation

    As the body of nursing regulation knowledge becomes more expansive, NCSBN relies on evidence that is rooted in theory and based on research to assist in making regulatory decisions. NCSBN embraced the challenges and opportunities of evidence-based nursing regulation.

    2018 | Video

  • 1995–2002: Transforming Regulation Through Technology

    Emerging technologies were changing the world as the beginning of the 21st century approached. NCSBN welcomed new technological tools, resources and mediums that forever changed the trajectory of nursing regulation.

    2018 | Video

  • 2008–2013: Collaboration and Outreach

    Health care has become increasingly global in scope. NCSBN saw this evolution as an opportunity to grow and collaborate reaching new, diverse audiences both nationally and internationally, as the organization continued its mission of public safety.

    2018 | Video

  • 2014–2018: Surging Towards the Future

    Standing on the firm foundation of its past NCSBN looks forward to building even stronger partnerships with other regulatory bodies both nationally and internationally. Entering its fifth decade of operation NCSBN seeks out new opportunities and faces its challenges head on.

    2018 | Video

  • Honoring Mildred Schmidt

    Mildred Schmidt, NCSBN President 1979-1980

    Mildred Schmidt helped found NCSBN, was appointed the organization's first Secretary-Treasurer and also served as president from 1979 to 1981. She is recognized for her pioneering vision, steadfast leadership and unwavering support.

    2015 | Video

  • Honoring Kathy Apple

    Kathy Apple, MS, RN, FAAN, CEO, NCSBN

    NCSBN CEO, 2001-2015

    Kathy Apple led NCSBN during a time of unprecedented change and growth for the organization. Her 14-year tenure as CEO is the crowning achievement on a nursing career spanning 40 years. Her commitment to the NCSBN core values, mission and vision leaves the organization in a strong position to continue influencing national and international nursing regulation.

    2015 | Video