Education Initiatives

In concert with its mission, NCSBN develops cutting edge resources, initiatives and programs for nursing regulatory bodies in their roles of regulating nursing education programs. Further, NCSBN collaborates with nursing education organizations, nurse educators and other stakeholders and participates in national nursing education meetings and initiatives.

NCSBN keeps nurse educators updated on the latest news, research, and resources in nursing education through the biannual Leader to Leader magazine.  Sign up here to receive future issues of Leader to Leader. NCSBN also has resources for new nurses.

Approval versus National Nursing Accreditation

Why do most U.S Nursing Regulatory Bodies approve nursing programs? 

Program approval is an integral part of the state licensure process because it assures standards are met, whereas national nursing accreditation assesses the quality of nursing programs from a national perspective.

Guidelines for Using Social Media

Can I post about frustrations at my job on my Facebook page? 

NCSBN has developed standardized guidelines for nurses and employers on responsible use of social media and provides other resources for reinforcing professional boundaries.

National Simulation Study

How much simulation should be used in nursing programs and what are best practices? 

NCSBN is conducting a landmark study of simulation use in prelicensure ADN and BSN nursing programs across the country.  

Transition to Practice

Does a standardized transition to practice model improve safety and quality in nursing care? 

NCSBN conducted a national study to investigate the effects of a standardized model on transition to practice on patient safety.

Prelicensure Distance Education Requirements

For the first time, every requirement that US Nursing Regulatory Bodies (NRBs) have for out-of-state distance education programs is available in one convenient location. You can search by location to learn specific NRB distance education rules and regulations, and how to comply with them.